I Just Wasn't Made For These Times

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Where Tenderness Leads
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Pol Madis, the firebug-for-hire, recognized Doc Yewll as some kind of war criminal and she engineered his escape from jail to keep her secret. Stahma and Kenya are hooking up despite the fact that the pathetic Datak Tarr will kill everybody in Defiance if he finds out. We met an Earth Republic Representative (like a Senator, I think?) named Connor Lang, with whom Amanda Rosewater has both professional and romantic history. And most immediately, Irisa's Irath mentor Sukar died at Nolan's hand (basically, if not technically) protecting the town from a chunk of space debris.


Tommy: "I guess I feel better after being in a coma last week."
Nolan: "Stop quoting Moby Dick at me and let's investigate this Arkfall that nearly killed everybody last week."
Tommy: "Shouldn't your daughter be helping you with this, since it's what you spent her entire life training her to do?"
Nolan: "Irisa and I haven't had a serious conversation since she met this guy. Now that he's dead, she's sort of like a runaway train driven entirely by grief and resentment. Turns out I was not a perfect parent."
Tommy: "She seems to have some intimacy issues."
Nolan: "If you have sex with my daughter I will murder you physically."

Ugh. I don't expect Nolan to be perfect -- he's perfect the way he is -- it's just such a gross cliché we accept without thinking twice about the assumptions underlying it.

Tommy: "Do you think God was directing Sukar? Because like, in the book Ishmael thinks God directed his life -- kinda like how Irzu has a path for all of us -- and so free will is a delusion."
Nolan: "This is a book Irisa should not be reading."
Tommy: "Probably, but keep it in mind this whole episode. McClintock's story parallels both Ishmael and Irisa's, while also extending last week's metaphor about God working through the obsolete weapons of a war that should never have happened in the first place."

Inside the Ark piece -- which Sukar woke up, briefly enough to save town, last week -- they find way too much human tech and belongings. It's not really explicitly stated, but Nolan is already thinking about prisoners of war at this point, because the whole point of Arkfall is that the artificial ring around Earth made up of Ark bits never made it down out of orbit: They showed up and got left in the sky, until the Pale Wars destroyed them. So really, any amount of Earth junk in this Ark is a weird amount.

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