Everything Is Broken

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While his wife and her lover Kenya struggled in the grip of deadly miscommunications, Datak formed a conspiracy to wrest control of Defiance and hand it over to the Earth Republic. This included a media campaign against Nolan that left one Casti child dead, and the town without a Lawkeeper. But before they could leave, Doc Yewll's experiments on the Golden Knot dropped Irisa cold, revealing a second Kelevar inside her body. Wandering the forest outside town, bleeding out, Irisa was discovered by Rynn, who came back from the video game after Sukar's death, resurrection, death and subsequent coma. Today, Election Day, puts Defiance at greater risk than anyone realizes -- and with its two most ardent protectors taken off the board entirely.


Nolan tracks Irisa through the woods, Irzu's foggy path growing grim as the blood flowed more quickly. Eventually she laid down, he says, and the blood began to pool... When somebody else showed up, coming from the direction of the San Francisco Bay, and they dragged her away. Tommy can barely focus.

Tommy: "That's two fucked-up things. Firstly, where the hell is she, and second of all I can't believe you quit. I can't believe I'm the ranking policeman now."
Nolan: "Son, I didn't quit. I got fired. Remember that. Amanda made that call for the whole town."
Tommy: "I hate propaganda. Are you guys really just going to leave?"
Nolan: "Help me find her, first."

Tommy starts crying, and Nolan puts his arm around him. They head out.


Alak Tarr reminds everybody -- over some rap-rock/Casti fusion that Datak would hate -- to vote for his dad. The camera hovers over a wanted poster on the wall: Zachary Prast, wanted for hilarious video game activities, was a player who won a contest. That's fun, I like that. While I was digging around for info on Jonah Keller, I also learned a little backstory: Nicky Riordan was originally a sleeper clerk in the E-Rep who believed the Kaziri was buried under St. Louis based on the survival of the Arch, which led to an expedition, which found not the ship but the gulanite mines, which is how we all ended up here.

But she was working under Colonel Marsh at the time, so there's a further irony about all this: She was trying to find it as an Indogene terrorist, but alerted the people she was planning to massacre so she could get the resources to track it down. Nearly a decade of trying to find it before they did, can you imagine? The Volge attack, all the horrors of the Riordan conspiracy, will never be okay, but her desperation makes more and more sense when you look at the timeline, and how they were closing in the whole time.

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