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Kenya redefined the terms of her relationship with Nolan, but they were very personal and not very well thought-out. Meanwhile, he intuited that her sister Amanda had been unlucky in love. Irisa found out she might be God, which caused her to have disconcerting sex with Deputy Tommy, the McCawleys located the Kaziri and a cave painting that explains it, and Stahma Tarr convinced Amanda that the best way to deal with Datak's lust for power would be to indulge it. Which should work out well.


A ginge sells the usual weird steampunky postapocalypse couture that is all the rage in the postapocalypse, and a weird -- and human-dressed -- Castithan lurks. A hot E-Rep bounty hunter dude named Eddie Braddock appears and chases the Casti around for a second before he sets off a massive bomb in the market square, sending people and at least one leg flying. While the hunter is down for the count, Nolan jumps out of the blue and takes the guy down.

Eddie Braddock cocks a gun at Nolan's head, and then they recognize each other, and we're treated to a heartfelt reunion.

Eddie: "What an amusing set of circumstances must have led to your becoming the Sheriff of this very defiant town!"
Nolan: "I am self-deprecating to a certain extent, but one thing we do here is take away people's guns. I'm not saying you have to become a hooker -- which is what the Mayor suggested when she took my guns -- but I do think it would work out for you."
Eddie: "Cool, here are my thousand guns I have everywhere on my person."

Pol Madis is the prisoner, a famous firebug and -- turns out -- kind of a terrorist. Or rather, a VC weapons designer from the Pale Wars and thus not a great dude. So much of this show is about sliding in the wreckage, what you do with the leftover parts when there's nothing really left, that it seems doubly sad to think it was not so long ago that this man, a psycho, was also Dr. Strangelove for a war that never should have happened.

Pol Madis: "Doctor Meh Yewll, I presume? Of the no-doubt horrific Project Biodine?"
Yewll: "No! I mean, yes, that is my name. But no, I don't think so."
Pol Madis: "Does everybody know that you were apparently Mengele before?"
Yewll: "My horrible personality renders that redundant. Hush up your mouth about it."

Eddie: "Girl, you look good! What are they feeding you?"

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