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I Am Not Your Señorita
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Dead Luke McCawley was certainly a terrorist, but maybe a freedom fighter; he found a mysterious artifact in his section of the family mines and now his dad has it, with no idea that the ex-Mayor's behind all of the scary plots that keep threatening Defiance. Lawkeeper Nolan found out his nighttime girlfriend is his daytime girlfriend's sister, and Datak Tarr took violent steps to reiterate his social capital as the head of the Castithan faction.


A couple of Casti hoodlums are ridin' low through town, getting props from the underworld and making their way toward a smuggling drop, when they're surprised by Nolan and his deputies in a sudden gridlock ambush.

Nolan: "Hey, girls!"
Hoodlums: "Do you know who we work for? He leaves dead bodies places."
Nolan: "I know, it has me all riled up. I am taking all this money and guns and things and putting you in jail. That should cause zero problems in this town's infrastructure. It's a good day for justice!"

Further to this plan of screwing up the entire economy of Defiance, Nolan announces that all proceeds from his crusade will go toward taking down Datak Tarr once and for all.


In the wake of Nicky's recent clutter-clearing, Amanda has redecorated. I'm sure there are a lot of hidden set-design flourishes around the place -- because set designers are awesome, especially on this show, but also because every scene in her offices seems to point out one feature or another, like the trophy case last week with the Spirit Rider -- but the focal point this week is her framed Hole poster: It doesn't quite fit with her age bracket, but philosophically it's on point, especially this week.

Rafe pushes back against Amanda's ongoing project of not letting the Earth Republic get a toehold in Defiance politics, as Nicky strongly suggested: They're acquisitive and very into empire, and Defiance has the mines the want, but that will come at the expense of Defiance's basic principles. The fact that it's Rafe who doesn't mind selling out to the Republic makes me wonder if they don't also have a little xenophobia happening, as part of their amassing wealth and territory, but we'll see about that. It's not like their opponents on the show, Nicky and Birch's little terrorist clique, don't also seem ambivalent about the alien situation.

The ER's new plan involves linking Defiance to the larger republic with a high-speed rail system, which would benefit the town in a lot of ways, and the Council is all for it. Before Rafe can push through a vote, though, Datak Tarr comes in screaming.

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