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Alone, Cliff arranges a bunch of flowers in Susan's office in a new, non-smashed vase. Katie walks in and he tells her that he's told Susan. She looks like an addled calf and says nothing as she walks back out again. At the Kiddie Pool, Addy is meeting with the Nathans. She very politely hands them all the work she's done and then fires them. When they sit there dumbfounded, she points them to the door and tells them she has to meet with clients who didn't hire her under false pretenses. She's almost unbearably chipper through the whole exchange.

Hart returns to the firm and is greeted by Rowdy with a blueberry bran muffin that has a little leftover marijuana baked into it. It'll clear out your colon and expand your mind, man. Hart seems quite pleased. Less pleased is Susan, who is confronting Katie in one of the meeting rooms. Katie is filled with dread but Susan coolly gives her a promotion... in Montana. Katie says she would rather stay in L.A. Susan: "I'd rather you hadn't slept with my husband." Girl, take the offer and go before she freezes you with her eyes. She sits there looking wide-eyed and sad but I can't say I'm sympathetic. I do envy her hair, though.

Denouements: Cliff is sitting with the widow in his office. Beth walks in and the widow embraces her, much to Beth's surprise. Cliff tells her they got a "very fair settlement" from the furnace manufacturer. After the widow leaves, Cliff quizzes Beth on what happened. "I pulled my own ass out of the fire," she says. Cliff acts like it was all a part of his plan all along. Elsewhere, Addy visits Malcolm to thank him for his help. There's a little flirtation and joking, so look for them to become a couple if the show lasts long enough. Katie and Dylan say their goodbyes at the elevator. Sad, girly music plays but I really don't care enough about these two and their one romp in the sheets. Katie wonders why she didn't meet Dylan first as the elevator doors close between them. Cliff walks by Susan's office and finds the new vase of flowers on the floor outside. He cautiously opens the door. Susan looks like she's been crying. He asks if she wants a ride home and she tells him he should find someplace else to stay for a while.

Kiddie Pool. Beth is telling Liam about her daddy issues. She'd known he was a bad father, but she's sad to find out he's a bad lawyer. Liam tries to give her hope, but she's not buying it. Moving on to another subject, she asks Liam about the kissing quest. She asks him for a try, since when they were "intimate" in the past, she wasn't really trying her best. She goes in for a slow kiss. "Sorry," he tells her, not too impressed. She shrugs it off with good humor and leaves. Only once he's alone, does Liam let his facade drop. "Wow," he whispers. I wouldn't call it a "wow" of an episode, but it was a little better than last week, at least.

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