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Kiddie Pool. Liam and Beth are pouring through files and reading all the past affidavits from the furnace manufacturer's engineers. One of the affidavits stands out because the engineer is the only one who doesn't say straight out that the furnaces weren't at fault. Plus, the engineer, one Frank Mason, quit the company just two weeks after signing the affidavit. Liam notes she's all charged up about the case; Beth wants to help the victims after screwing up so badly. She tracks Frank down to a watch repair shop. He's reluctant to talk because of a confidentiality agreement but she knows he wants to talk. He refused to outright lie in his testimony. She shows him the picture of the widow and tells him about how she couldn't even touch her husband as he lay dying, because of his severe burns. Frank admits he didn't want to sign so Beth gives him a chance to do the right thing.

Courtroom. Susan is arguing on behalf of Hart. It wasn't his pot, he was just trying to protect his employees, it was delivered by messenger, and so on. Faraz is incredulous. At this point, Addy walks in and interrupts because she's gathered up a dozen or so of the Nathans' clientele, who've already paid for the pot in three to four ounce batches. Which means it's theirs, not the firm's. Susan is so thrilled by this that she high-fives a pleased (but surprised) Addy. Susan argues this before the judge, who calls a recess and lets Faraz and Susan work things out to their satisfaction.

Later at Susan's office, Cliff goes to tell his wife that the person he had an affair with was Katie. Susan is incensed, not so much at the infidelity itself, but the fact that it was with Katie, a paralegal who works in the office, where Susan could be humiliated. She smashes the vase of stargazer lilies and tells him to get out before she loses her temper. He doesn't have the decency to look scared or sad, which probably just pisses her off even more. Speaking of pissed, Bad Daddy is walking through a parking garage somewhere and finds a clock perched atop his very nice silver Maserati. Beth greets him as she walks up behind him. She mentions the engineer Frank Mason and basically accuses her father of bribing him for his testimony with a nice retirement package. She hands Bad Daddy with a subpoena for his records. She's going to comb through all his documents and emails to find where he discusses his knowledge of the furnace's problems. She knows he destroyed evidence. Unless he settles the case by morning, he'll lose his license. She stomps off, in tears.

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