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Judge's chambers. Beth and Bad Daddy square off. Beth hands over her affidavits of testimony. Much to her surprise, Bad Daddy is willing to stipulate to the facts of the expert's testimony. Beth wants to call someone at the office for advice, but Bad Daddy passive-aggressively pressures her into making a decision on her own. She signs off on the stipulation because she thinks letting the testimony in uncontested is a good thing. Bad Daddy gives everyone an oily smile.

Back at Sterling, the DEA has arrived with a lawyer named Benjamin Faraz and a drug-sniffing dog who sniffs out the weed in about two seconds because it's right there by the elevator. The smarmy Faraz orders the place on lock-down pending an investigation, but Hart steps forward and claims the marijuana is his. He's cuffed while everyone looks on in worry. Commercials.

Cliff's office. Beth fills Cliff in on the meeting she had with the judge. As she talks, she starts to lose confidence. She falters under Cliff's glare, who points out what a huge mistake she's made by turning the expert's testimony into a list of facts on a piece of paper. They've lost the emotional high ground. Cliff is actually quietly scary for the first time and somewhat deserving of his "Prince of Darkness" nickname. Beth is near tears. He dismisses her with a calm remark about his disappointment in her.

Montage of Liam being kissed by several women to the strains of "No You Girls" by Franz Ferdinand. I thought a guy was going to kiss him there for a second, but nope.

Kiddie Pool. Beth is complaining to Liam about how her dad tricked her and she fell for it because she wanted his approval. She's worried that the widow won't get the money she deserves because the expert witness won't get to testify now. She spitballs some ideas with Liam. Product liability, blah blah, tort, blah. Can she reintroduce a witness if she finds a new cause of action? Liam thinks so, as long as his expertise relates to it. All fired up, Beth runs off to do her lawyerly thing.

Venice Beach. Addy and Malcolm are waiting outside Stoner's Pot Palace for some sign of the Nathans. They come to the conclusion that Addy is a very nice, very naïve patsy. A frail-looking young man tries to get into the shop, but it's closed. He says he has chemo the next day and needs his medicine. Addy volunteers to call the Nathans for him... if he knows where they are. As they chat, it comes out that the young man has already paid for his marijuana and is there to just pick it up, because that's how the shop works. This gives the very nice patsy an idea.

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