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Beth interviews Professor Chin in a meeting room about the faulty furnaces that have "roasted people alive." She's even more thorough than she needs to be at this stage of the proceedings, as her expert witness points out to her. Elsewhere, Liam is complaining to Addy about all the woman she's sicced on him. Their argument is cut short by the sudden olfactory assault of a peculiar odor that Addy compares to "cat pee on a pine tree." Heh. They notice a medium-sized box sitting on a desk, addressed to Addy from the Nathans. She excitedly opens the box only to discover many, many baggies of weed. Commercials!

Addy storms into the ladies' room, bitching on the phone at Mr. Nathan to come pick up his marijuana. She doesn't care of the DEA was planning a raid on his shop. On the other end of the phone, he's apparently reminding her of their attorney-client privilege, but Addy isn't swayed and threatens to flush the box of Mary Jane down the toilet. He hangs up on her. At this point, the bathroom stall behind Addy opens and out walks Susan, having heard the whole thing. Susan calmly washes her hands, then tells Addy to come with her to talk to Cliff. I totally think Cliff could do with some puff. That's probably not that Susan's suggesting, though.

Speaking of Cliff, he's on his way to a meeting with the partners when Katie pulls him aside for a boring talk about their non-relationship. She wants to know if he's plans to make good on his promise about her working there when she passes the bar exam. He doesn't think that's a good idea, so she essentially threatens to tell Susan about the affair. Dumb.

At a coffee cart outside the office, Dylan is asking Liam for relationship advice: "Say, buddy, do you ever get that not-so-fresh feeling?" Actually, Liam doesn't even let him finish the question and just tells him to walk - or even run - away from whatever the problem is. Upstairs, Rowdy and Hart are dealing with the problem of what to do with that ten pounds of marijuana. Rowdy asks if he should make it disappear and Hart tells him, "You're the magician!" For a split second I thought he was going to say, "You're the midget!" and was ready to feel bad for little Rowdy. Malcolm shows up to tell them DEA agents are downstairs with a warrant, which sends all the partners as well as Addy and Malcolm into a meeting in Hart's office. Cliff wants to fire the clients but Hart says they have no legal grounds. Hart tells Rowdy to leave the dope somewhere public. Addy and Malcolm scurry off to find the Nathans.

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Deep End




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