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Courthouse, certification motion. Cliff and Beth legal-babble as they walk into the courtroom. Beth stops in her tracks when she sees the reason she was put on the case: Her father is the attorney for the other side. He gives his daughter a smile that's equal parts haughty and snotty. It's downright snaughty. Beth looks like she might lose her lunch. Commercials.

The commercial for Lost wakes me up a bit, so let's press on, shall we? Returning to the courtroom, Bad Daddy is arguing that the complaints are unrelated. Cliff's points out that all 160 people purchased the same furnace less than six months before their houses burned down. Bad Daddy is incredulous. The widow Anne, sitting with Beth, is clearly disgusted. The judge schedules a pre-trial conference for his chambers the next morning and pounds his gavel to make it all legal. I guess. I don't know anything about laws beyond what I need to pass a driver's license test.

Addy is skittering around the hallways at Sterling like a mouse in a maze. She's in search of someone who knows about California corporate law and eventually Dylan sends her to Malcolm, who I reckon isn't going to get a formal introduction like the other first-years did. They legal-chat about her new clients. The upshot is that she needs more information about them to fill out some paperwork, but she's already tried calling them three times to no avail. Malcolm offers her a ride to the Nathans' store after Abby ridiculously asks how to get there by subway. When they pull up sometime later at the address in Venice Beach, Abby sees the big ol' neon marijuana leaf on the sign. She hopefully prays it's not what she thinks it is, but Malcolm confirms for her that it is, indeed, a medical marijuana dispensary.

Returning to the firm, Addy and Malcolm are explaining what's the what to Hart and Rowdy. The Nathans' shop is a registered legal dispensary with the state, but California's laws conflict with federal law. Hart and Rowdy think it's interesting legal territory. Hart also thinks it's not a problem as long as they're selling to people with valid prescriptions. Rowdy wonders if they lied about their business and Addy confesses she never asked them. Rowdy and Hart exchange exasperated glances and tell her draft their charter and then refer them to other counsel. She and Malcolm skulk out of the office, leaving Rowdy and Hart to their barely-concealed laughter. Meanwhile, Liam gets kissed by some random woman in the break room. She thinks the "quest" is romantic. I think it's a good way to come down with a raging cold sore or mono. She wants to know if it was as good as his first. No dice.

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