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Kiddie Pool. Beth wants to borrow Addy's maroon blouse, which somehow miraculously fits her because they belong to the sisterhood of the traveling blouses, I guess. Addy, in turn, takes Beth's boring backup blouse. There's no reason for any of this sartorial complication except to have the two ladies strip down to their bras in time for horndog Liam to walk in and start composing the opening lines of an imaginary Penthouse letter. Beth chastises him for staring at her boobs even though they're right there. Now fully clothed, she goes off to do her case prep. Liam, regarding Addy like a sister, compliments her on the blouse change and gives her a pep talk before she goes off to meet her new potential clients in one of the office's meeting rooms.

They're a middle-aged couple, Bruce and Gwen Nathan, there to seek help for some legal restructuring of their business and indemnify themselves against personal liability. They're in the business of providing "alternative" therapies to patients who haven't been helped by traditional medicine. Addy is just aglow at how wonderful and gratifying their work must be. The Nathans are a little skittish about possibly exposing the source of their "products" to competitors, but Addy reassures them that anything they disclose to her is covered by attorney-client privilege. She's so thrilled when the Nathans sign over the retainer fee that she entirely forgets to ask just what products they're selling. Back at the library, Beth, Liam, and Katie are doing research and babbling about legal things that entirely fly over my head. Beth is giddy over the prospect of making tons of money on the product liability suit and being possibly fast-tracked by the partners. Don't think too hard about all the dead people, or anything.

Katie goes off to make copies and runs into Dylan in the hall. He pulls her aside and asks her if she told Cliff about the two of them. She confesses she told Cliff she's seeing someone new, but didn't mention him by name. Dylan is still nervous and jokes about seeing her/not seeing her around the office, depending on how close Cliff is. Katie chuckles, but it's really not funny.

Addy runs into the Kiddie Pool, waving her retainer check and squeaking with excitement. Liam's there and he's carting around boxes of legal documents. Addy hops around and thanks him for believing in her, then jumps right up and kisses him before she realizes what she's done. She apologizes. He looks stunned and not at all horny, like usual. Addy is slightly offended, but Liam eventually confesses he was just thinking about the first woman he kissed, because he always compares new kisses to that first one. If I did that, I'd bust up laughing every time I kissed someone. Addy tells Liam her first kiss was in third grade. Liam says his was dreamy and perfect and everything he wanted it to be. He was also a late-bloomin' onion, because it didn't happen till he was 18. [Wait, he's a horndog, but he didn't get kissed until 18? That seems like a bizarre character backstory. -- Angel] He's just waiting for the kiss that can beat that one. Addy is charmed and determined to help him on his romantic quest. She hops out of the office, hatching her little scheme, much to Liam's chagrin.

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