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This show isn't canceled yet, so welcome to another week of cute lawyers and no meaningful central character with whom the audience can identify or follow along. We pick up where we left off last week, with Dylan and Katie in a post-coital snuggle in front of the fire, and Cliff Huddle ringing the doorbell. Matt Long and his slightly fuzzy chest are adorable. He's like what would happen if humans and chipmunks were to crossbreed. Cliff, ignored by the lovers inside, starts knocking on the door and calling for Katie. Dylan recognizes his boss's voice and freaks. He's all, "Your ex-boyfriend is our boss, who's married to our other boss?!" He hides while Katie tells Cliff and his bouquet of stargazer lilies to hit the road. Katie's apartment and furnishings are really fabulous. What the hell kind of money do paralegals make? Probably not as much as paralegal mistresses make. Dylan is upset that she didn't tell him, so Katie sends him on his way, too. So much for the afterglow.

The next morning, Cliff and Susan ride up in the elevator, all sly smiles. He's apparently given her the bouquet of stargazers meant for Katie. At least he recycles. They think they're alone on the elevator aside from an oblivious guy with headphones, so they talk suggestively about all the sex they had the night before. Naturally, Dylan is cowering behind the headphones guy, trying to become invisible. He fails, and Susan and Cliff notice him. He nervously promises he didn't hear anything. Cliff presses about him why he seems so nervous. Dude, because he overheard your sex talk! We're meant to be scared for Dylan and think maybe Cliff knows he was at Katie's the night before, but Cliff just wants Dylan to tell Beth to meet him in his office. Dylan is so jumpy that when he gets to his floor, he spills his coffee all over Beth's blouse the instant he darts out of the elevator. Hope her bra was insulated.

In his office, Cliff is meeting with a woman named Anne about a potential class action suit regarding a faulty furnace that's killed or injured 160 people. Beth walks into the meeting covered in coffee. Cliff catches her up on the case: Anne's husband was killed when the furnace malfunctioned and set their house on fire. Beth is going to be second chair with just two hours to prepare for the first suit hearing. Beth has the good grace to wait until she's away from Anne to express her excitement over the case, but Cliff is less than enthused about her "dish rag" of a shirt and tells her to change.

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Deep End




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