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Get Rowdy With That Ukulele

Addy gets back to the firm and runs into Malcolm. He tells her Eric isn't going to be suspended, thanks to the digging that Addy did. They're both happy for a moment, then Malcolm looks pensive. Addy asks him what's wrong. He worries he's not up to being a guardian. Addy says he's doing a great job with everything except the cooking, according to Eric. This leads Malcolm to invite Addy over for dinner than night.

Susan and Hart celebrate their respective victories with drinks. The topic of Susan's job offer comes up. Hart knows it's hard for Susan because of Cliff. Susan doesn't just want to let it slide, but Hart suggests she talk it over with Cliff so she'll know whether she wants to leave him or stay by him. "Bottom line, if you don't confront it, it's not fair to him," Hart says. Susan narrows her eyes at him. Hart clarifies that it's not fair for the firm, either, or to her. They have such a nice rapport, I'd rather see them together than Susan and Cliff.

Denouements: Addy shows up at Malcolm and Eric's apartment with a lasagna. Malcolm thought he would be cooking dinner than night, but Addy teases him that his idea of cooking would be ordering in or heating up frozen food. Eric is thrilled by both Addy and her lasagna. Addy and Malcolm grin at each other cutely for a while before he invites her in. Hart and Dylan are at the hospital, delivering the good news to Mei and the Brundages: SoCal settled and Mei can stay in America. Everyone cries and smiles and cries some more. Dylan gets to hold the giant baby. Back at the firm, Liam makes his final play for Beth. She's working in her office when he comes in and admits that his love of sex sometimes gets in the way of everything else. But the truth is, he really does care for her. He stands before her and reads her a poem he wrote while Rowdy plays the ukulele outside. At first Beth is skeptical, but as Liam reads on, she's slowly won over. By the time he's done, Beth is smitten. She gets up and silently crosses the room to shut the door. Rowdy keeps playing and strolls off with a smile.

Tippi Blevins has never been serenaded by ukulele, although there was a close call with a kazoo once. You can reach her at b_tippi[at] or

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