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Beth and Addy fill Cliff in about the sexual harassment case that they're bound to win. It's all good news, except... When they hesitate to go on, Cliff prompts, "What?" in such a goofy way that it's hard to understand why anyone calls him the Prince of Darkness. So, the bad news is that there appears to be a climate of discrimination against women at American Lingerie. Every female V.P. ends up leaving the company and there are no women in senior positions. (At first I didn't get why this would be a problem for the law firm, since they surely must be used to defending scumbags, but they sort of explain it later.) On top of that, all the departing women said the "climate" of the company didn't suit them. Beth and Addy want to know what they're going to do. "You're not going to do anything," Cliff says. Instead, he takes the info over to Susan and asks for her help. Cliff says that the problem is systemic, widespread, and Reynolds has no idea how to fix it. She agrees to help -- for Beth and Addy, not him.

Dylan and Hart meet with Mei's former employer and his lawyer. Hart delivers the ultimatum: Mei gets her job back or SoCal will be hit with a class action lawsuit. The employer protests that there was no discrimination. Dylan points out that SoCal called Mei's doctor and nosed around about her pregnancy. The lawyer thinks Dylan is bluffing since he's not asking for a big payout. Hart says money isn't their motive; they just want to move quickly to avoid separating Mei from her baby. Dylan sweetly threatens to parade a bunch of other young mothers in front of a jury if they'd prefer, and sue them for millions. The lawyer and former employer trade troubled looks. Commercials.

American Lingerie. There are lots of camera closeups of women's body parts in cheap lingerie. A pair of boobs here, a stocking-clad thigh there. The show's losing brownie points here by railing against sexual discrimination and then turning around and treating women like objects, but whatever. We're in the home stretch now. Susan, Addy, and Beth are waiting for Reynolds, who gives a tacky nylon lace body stocking to Susan as a gift. She's not impressed. She tells Reynolds he's going to settle the harassment suit with Rhazia. He protests that Beth and Addy told him she didn't have a case. This is less about the case, though, and more about the culture of discrimination in the company. Susan explains that Reynolds needs Rhazia to "go away happy" so she doesn't figure out what he's been doing about it and make a public stink about it. Reynolds says he never intended to discriminate against anyone, but Susan thinks any court of law would see an obvious pattern. She gives him the business and throws the body stocking at him. As the three lawyers leave, Addy and Susan trade surreptitious low-fives.

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