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Get Rowdy With That Ukulele

Dylan tracks down Mei's doctor. He's looking for anything he can use to keep her in the country. He's looking for a medical reason, but he finds out from the doctor that Mei's former employer, SoCal Concrete, called the doctor regarding the pregnancy after the doctor suggested she take two weeks off from work due to a minor problem. She was fired about a month later. Dylan thinks the company thought the pregnancy was going to get expensive and may have let Mei go because of it. It's not legal to fire a woman for being pregnant, but Dylan thinks they manufactured another reason.

Beth and Addy return to their office to find flowers, chocolates, and a tiny stuffed kangaroo on Beth's desk. Addy thinks it's sweet, but Beth thinks it's clueless and lazy. She grabs the stuffed kangaroo and storms into Liam's office. She questions him about the kangaroo. He tells her it's actually a wallaby, then becomes hot to me for the first time by correctly calling it a macropod. What can I say? I like guys who know science words. "I'm courting you," he says archly. She gripes at him for not really wanting to know her or talk to her, but just wants to have sex with her. She throws the toy macropod at him. She slams the door. Liam says to the little wallaby, in consoling tones, "It's more about me than you." Aww. Commercials.

Dylan fills Mei and the Brundages in about his new theory, that the company fired her for being pregnant. Mei says they told her she was fired because her work had slipped. Dylan says there's nothing in her employee records don't support that. They can sue the employer, get Mei's job back, and her work visa will be reinstated long enough for the private bill to make its way through congress. Everyone looks hopeful.

At the office, Malcolm apologizes to Addy. He explains he's still figuring out how to take care of his baby brother. Addy is sympathetic. The suspension is the first big thing he's had to deal with since their parents died. Addy stepping in reminded him of how his folks would have handled things better than him. Addy hands him some papers with court precedent. Apparently, the Scouts meet at the school and anything that takes place at the school is considered approved by the school. The school sanctions their activities and thus approved the very contest where Eric won his knife set. Happy smiles all around.

Outside, Liam finds Rowdy playing a ukulele and enjoying a sunny Los Angeles day. Liam interrupts Rowdy's "mini-vacation" with more of his relationship woes. All the courtship tricks didn't work on Beth, Liam says. Rowdy, upon learning for the first time that the girl in question is Beth, says he could have suggested a different plan. They argue humorously about kangaroos vs. wallabies for a bit. Rowdy extols Beth's virtues and says Liam has to give her the real Liam. This scares Liam, but Rowdy is done talking about this relationship stuff and goes back to his imaginary vacation and his ukulele.

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