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Susan's office. Cliff comes in at her request. She wanted to give him his dad's watch, which Cliff had left behind at the house. Cliff says what he wants is to come home, but Susan says she needs more time. Susan is very mature and even smiling up to this point, but Cliff blows it by reminding her of how patient he's been. She reminds him that he had an affair with their paralegal. He thanks her for the watch and leaves. Man, you're lucky she doesn't throw another vase at you. Cut to the Customs & Immigration facility where Dylan has just shown up deliver the good news to Mei and Mrs. Brundage. He notices that Mei is looking pretty bad. She tries to assure everyone that she's fine, but she lets out a scream and goes into labor. Everyone scrambles for an ambulance. Commercials.

Mei's two-minute labor now over, Dylan visits her and new baby Christopher in the hospital. Mei and the in-laws are all smiles. Unfortunately, the restraining order was just for the baby and now that he's been born, Mei can be deported without him. The Brundages are distraught, but Dylan vows to keep fighting. Also, that is one huge, huge baby. If he'd waited for the ninth month, he could have walked out.

Malcolm's at the junior high, talking to Eric's principal. She won't budge on the zero-tolerance weapons policy. Malcolm argues that it's just a Cub Scout prize, not a switch blade. The principal digs her heels in and won't make an exception, leaving Malcolm looking defeated.

Back at the office, Beth, Addy, and their client are meeting with the plaintiff and her lawyer. Rhazia, the former employee, talks about the lewd comments and the intensity of the harassment increasing the longer she worked there. Beth asks if there were any sexual overtures from Reynolds. Rhazia allows that there weren't any direct overtures. More questioning reveals she wasn't threatened with firing or demotion. "But he crossed a line," she insists. She goes on to say she's a professional woman and Reynolds was trying to undermine that. Beth presses on: "But you were never threatened or coerced." Rhazia admits she wasn't. Cut to Dylan returning to the hospital with bad news: Mei has to go. Tearing up, she asks Dylan to draw up adoption papers so that her gigantic baby can stay with her in-laws. Sad looks all around. Back at the office, Addy and Beth walk Reynolds to the elevator. He's not exactly a gracious winner, calling Rhazia a "loony tune" and bitches about her not being able to make it in the business world. He bitches some more about women in the workplace, earning disgusted looks from both Addy and Beth. Reynolds quickly adds, "Not like you ladies! You're smart... and sexy!" Cliff overhears this exchange and checks to see if everything is OK. Reynolds couldn't be happier or grosser.

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