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Malcolm returns to the office to find Eric passing the time on the computer. He wants to know what's up with the weapons charge. "It was my Cub Scout knife, fork and spoon set," Eric says. He also says Addy talked to the principal and said she was his lawyer. Eric is obviously over the moon about Addy, but Malcolm is less impressed. He excuses himself to go track her down. In Hart's office, he and Dylan talk about the most boring plot of the episode. Hart says it could take six months for the private bill to pass. Dylan's stall tactic is to argue for the citizenship rights of Mei's unborn baby. Hart thinks it's a stretch, but tells Dylan to go prep the clients. Cut to Malcolm finding Addy in the hall. At first, Addy isn't reading Malcolm's tone or body language at all, because she's all chipper in response to him asking her about Eric. But then he gets overtly upset about being able to handle Eric on his own and Addy (she of the new spine) stands up for herself. All she did was get the principal to agree to meet with Malcolm before suspending Eric, she says. "Next time, I won't bother," she says. Malcolm's left standing in the hall, alone. Cut to Dylan at the Customs and Immigration holding facility, where Mei is telling him she's being deported the next day. Moving on.

Courthouse. Dylan tracks down a Judge Hernandez going up the escalator and makes a case for Mei's unborn child. Hernandez is reluctant because there's no precedent, but Dylan keeps at her, citing that Mei's eight months pregnant and the child is viable. "If, God forbid, Mei were murdered, her assailant would be tried for both the death of her and her baby." Judge Hernandez doesn't like it, but Dylan earnestly argues that deporting a baby to China would deprive it of due process, a violation of the 8th Amendment. Hernandez grants a temporary restraining order to keep Mei in the country until the baby is born.

Beth and Addy are in the office, going over their case. Liam sits between them, doing his best to look interested in everything Beth has to say. He interjects, "Fascinating!" and, later, "Did that upset you?" when Beth says Reynolds said questionable things in front of her. Both Addy and Beth are suspicious of this new, sensitive Liam. Beth asks what's wrong with him. Liam turns into a giant dork trying unsuccessfully to explain himself and finally seeks refuge in his bologna sandwich lunch. Before they can question him further, a secretary arrives to give Addy and Beth packages from Reynolds. Inside are examples of American Lingerie's craptacular offerings. Addy holds a pink corset up to her body while Beth holds up a sheer red babydoll. The ladies pose sexily/comically for each other. Liam practically throws down his lunch and leaps from the room, lest an impending boner betray him. He chases down Rowdy in the hall outside the elevator. The courting thing isn't working, he says. "I tried being interested in her, I tried asking her questions, then I spoke about my sandwich. I seemed impaired... possibly creepy." Heh. I like dorky Liam. Rowdy's game plan is for Liam to acquire flowers, truffles, and a gift from his country of origin. "Liam, you can do this," Rowdy says. He takes Liam by the shoulders. "Beneath this smoking hunk of horse thief beats the heart of a poet, I just know it." Oh, Rowdy. Don't ever change. At least for as long as this show lasts.

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