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Get Rowdy With That Ukulele

Addy and Beth show up at American Lingerie, where models are strutting around to show off the truly crappy lingerie. Not even the most destitute of hookers would be caught on the streets in this stuff. Addy and Beth are doing everything but clutching their pearls even though there's nothing shockingly skimpy in view. They're talking with Robin Reynolds about the ex-employee's complaint. He promises he prides himself on creating a work environment where everyone is happy. He turns to one model and says, "You make that look great! I totally want to unwrap the package!" But he says it in such a chipper way that it doesn't sound too scummy. Addy calls him out on that kind of comment. As Beth continues to question him, he cuts her off and says, "You're totally gorgeous; I could totally see you in this." He's actually talking to Addy and he wants to set her up with some lingerie. She declines. Good; that cheap fabric probably causes a rash.

Hart seeks Susan out in her office. He wants to talk to her about her breakfast with Kyle Secor. Word gets around fast, huh? He wants to know if Susan turned down the job offer. "I haven't... yet," she tells him. She's loyal to Hart, but says things are complicated with Cliff. Hart invites her to dinner and martinis to talk it out. Keep this up, and you won't have to pay for any of your meals, girl. Out in the hall, Liam is having a harder time making plans for the evening. He's on the phone, leaving a message for Beth and sounding dorkily hopeful. Rowdy walks up to him, having heard most of the message and eyes him curiously. (Apropos of nothing, I'm surprised they haven't had Liam naked yet; his pecs are practically bursting through the fabric of his tailored shirt.) Rowdy figures out that Liam is trying to date a girl. Liam can't understand why the girl in question gets upset every time he suggests they get together. Rowdy gets right to the nub of the matter: "These 'get-togethers' -- you pitching pants on or pants off?" "Pants off," Liam says confidently. Rowdy's take on relationships is that they "tend to revolve around a strategic lack of nudity." Hee. Liam looks like Rowdy is speaking Japanese all of a sudden. Rowdy pulls Liam into a nearby office and shuts the door for privacy. Rowdy starts sauntering and dancing toward Liam, looking every bit the strutting bantam rooster. "You're going to have to court her," Rowdy says. Rowdy says Liam's going to have to listen to this girl, care about the same things she cares about. Liam thinks this is all a bit old-fashioned. Rowdy thinks it's vastly superior and more mature than Liam's current strategy. "Touché," Liam says. "Merci," Rowdy replies. Hee! Rowdy and Liam need to have scenes all the time. Or at least until the show is canceled.

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Deep End




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