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Addy and Beth pore over their files, reading from notes. "How would you respond if I said I wanted to snap your whiz strap?" Addy asks. It's one of the things the plaintiff alleges their client said to her. They go back and forth, repeating the phrase in mockingly sexy tones. I have no idea what a "whiz strap" is, but this is what it made me think of, and it's not sexy. Nonetheless, Liam's interest is piqued as the women approach his office. Addy scurries off to do something while Liam pulls Beth into the office. They flirt a bit and Liam lets her know he has the evening off. She invites him to dinner and a movie, but Liam blows it: "Or we could skip all that and straight to the part where I snap your whiz strap." Beth is not at all charmed and ditches him to go work on her new case. End of teaser.

Back to the show, where Susan is having breakfast with Kyle Secor. He's really getting around this week; I just saw him playing a scummy doctor on White Collar. He's a lawyer at a competing firm and wants Susan to leave Sterling and join him. Susan is flattered, but says, "Sterling is my home." Kyle tells her she deserves the chance to step out of Cliff's shadow. He gives her his card. At the office, Addy is on the phone with Malcolm. He's stuck at the courthouse and needs her to pick up his little brother. Addy's surprised he's never mentioned having a brother. When was he supposed to do that? He's had almost no screen time. He tells Addy she's the only one he can trust.

At the courthouse, Hart is bringing the deportation case before the judge. Clancy Brown really does have a magnificent head of hair. He looks a little bored, though. He's telling the judge that Christopher clearly intended to make a life with Mei but he was killed in action, plus the Marine Corps already recognizes the marriage. The judge says Immigration & Customs Enforcement doesn't recognize the marriage because it wasn't consummated. "Well, I'm sorry, but the law sees pre-marital sex as fornication, not marriage consummation." Hart and Dylan try to reason with the judge, but the judge rules that Mei has to go back to China. Commercials.

Addy's picking up Eric Bennett from the school principal's office. He sulks in a chair and snots while Addy signs him out. The principal explains that the kid was suspended for bringing a weapon to school. Eric proclaims his innocence. Addy hands the principal her card and introduces herself as Eric's lawyer. The kid smiles. Back at the office, Dylan and Hart are commiserating about the unfair laws. Dylan's all riled up like a chipmunk faced with an impenetrable bird feeder full of delicious seeds. Hart calms him down and promises to talk to a senate friend who can sponsor a private bill that will recognize Mei's marriage. "That'll take forever," Dylan grumps, growing ever more frustrated at the sunflower kernels that are just out of reach. Hart tells him to find a way to stall the deportation.

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