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It's night and the young associates are still hard at work in Sterling's library, waiting for the firm's computer servers to be repaired so they can print out their various courtly things. Well, maybe not so much "hard at work" as "goofing off and playing games." They've been playing that party game where you have a sticky note on your forehead that everyone but you can see, and on that note is someone's name. You're supposed to ask questions of everyone around you in order to ferret out your identity. Dylan, wearing Beth's name on his adorable little noggin, asks, "Am I ambitious?" The others think that's a bad question, since they're all ambitious. "Am I confident?" Dylan asks. "You're stuck up," Liam says, which prompts Beth to blow the ruse by protesting she is not stuck up. Nor are you a good party game player, Beth. Liam quickly guesses that the name on his forehead is Dylan's, when he asks if he's sensitive and everyone immediately responds in the positive. They get a call from word processing to let them know that the servers won't be fixed that night, so they decide to all head home. Addy protests because she still has a sticky on her forehead and hasn't had a chance to play. Malcolm tells her: "You're black." Since all the other fish in the deep end are whiter than cod, this ends the game. Back in Dylan and Liam's office, Liam surreptitiously sticks Dylan with a sticky that reads "Girl" before hightailing it out of there. A moment later, Hart comes in with a pro bono case for Dylan and gets a laugh out of the sticker. "Gotta love that Priory," Hart chuckles. Eh, not so much.

The next day, Dylan and Hart meet with their new clients. A very pregnant Mei Brundage is telling them about how she met her husband Christopher. Her in-laws, Mr. and Mrs. Brundage, chime in about how they were all planning the wedding when their son was sent to Afghanistan, where he was killed six months ago. Mei says she contacted the U.S. Government about her work visa after losing her job at SoCal Concrete and was told her proxy marriage to Christopher was invalid. Now she's going to be deported back to China, since she got pregnant before they were married and they didn't consummate the marriage legally. She wants to stay with the Brundages and have her baby here. Hart and Dylan gladly take the case. In Cliff's office, Beth and Addy are getting their new assignment: They're representing Robin Reynolds, the CEO of a lingerie company who's been accused of harassment by a former mid-level employee named Rhazia Khan. Cliff tells them go meet with Reynolds, then presses a button under his desk. His office doors whoosh open, prompting Beth to make a Star Trek joke. Aw, she's a geek! I'm starting to like her. Nobody laughs at the joke, leading her to try to explain the joke, which makes it even less funny, but also more endearing.

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