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Measuring Up
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Peppy music plays as Liam walks into his office to find Rowdy lounging at his desk, reading a love note that's been left for our beefcake Aussie lawyer. It's not like Rowdy has anything else to do, right? They chitchat about Beth, who they both think wrote the letter. Rowdy reads aloud: "'I long for the taste of you, your strong hands caressing my...'" Liam snatches the letter away and gets all hot and bothered reading the rest of it. Rowdy encourages him to accept Beth's overtures, by comparing Liam's budding relationship to a flower. Liam very slowly grasps that he must care for this flower-relationship. Rowdy sends him off with a "friendly" slap, then stands around waiting for his next scene. Title card!

Susan hands Beth and Dylan a case. Her friend's goddaughter attends a local university and has been stripped of her tennis scholarship, accused of cheating. The school hasn't elaborated on the details, citing privacy issues. Susan's friend has assured her the girl would never cheat. Beth and Dylan practically wriggle like happy puppies at the prospect of helping Susan. Later, in the copy room, Liam finds Beth and gives her a smooch. Beth laughingly protests, but he whispers something dirty to her. She's aghast. He shows her the letter, which she reads with growing disgust. Liam only finally realizes that she's not the one who wrote the letter when she demands to know who wrote the letter. She's ticked that the guy she's seeing is getting X-rated mail from someone in the office. Beth threatens that if she weren't in the middle of the case... She stands on tiptoe to whisper the end of the line in his ear, which we don't hear, but is, judging by Liam's reaction, a terrifying prospect. She storms out.

Cliff's office. Hart and Cliff confab about Cliff's affair. Hart's annoyed that not only did Cliff expose the firm to potential litigation, but he betrayed Susan. "I'm glad you're so enamored with my wife," Cliff says, "but this is between me and her." Hart disagrees. He wants Cliff to go on record about his affair with Katie the paralegal in case she files a sexual discrimination suit. Cliff thinks Hart is just out to humiliate him, but Hart says he is trying to protect the firm. Humiliating Cliff is just a bonus. On his way out, Hart tells Cliff he just accepted a pro bono case that nobody else wanted. Cliff, as you can imagine, is just thrilled.

Beth and Dylan interview their new client, Hannah. She doesn't know why her scholarship was revoked. Her boyfriend is with her and pipes up with, "I bet it's the Cindy thing." They theorize that Cindy got mad at Hannah for beating her and accused her of cheating. Next thing Hannah knows, she's getting a letter from school about the scholarship. They didn't even have the good manners to talk to her in person. Hannah won't be able to afford to stay in school without the scholarship. Beth assures her they'll do everything they can.

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Deep End




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