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An Aching Kind Of Growing
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Ben Preswick brought his girlfriend Vivian evidence that her family's company was covering up some serious drug-regulation fraud, which she then told her brother Edward about. He took this information to their father Robert, and she was murdered. A Senator with ties to the FDA -- and even closer ties to the family -- has evidence linking Edward to a decades-old rape/murder case, which he has used in various ways over the years to control the family. Specifically, he installed Sofia Bowers as Robert's wife and his child with Vivian as their daughter, officially. Middle brother Julian, the shepherd of this drug's development cycle, was unaware of any of this, and is now dating Audrey Cruz, a consultant for their rival drug firm. His childhood romance, Joanna, is undercover with the family and working at the company to solve Vivian's murder, while stumbling onto a separate plot between Sofia and the Senator to keep her onetime lover Wyatt behind bars, and a third one connecting Ben Preswick's death to the Russian Mob.


Will: "Okay, the guy that killed Ben Preswick is named Andrei Ivanov, late of the Russian military and now working with the Brighton Beach mafia."
Gabe: "Do you think that Robert Bowers would really have killed all these people, including his own daughter?"
Joanna: "Well, he's always been real cool with me, but who knows with rich people."
Will: "Who knows indeed."


Eddie remembers a very fun, cute time with his dad when he was just little, and then steels himself for what is about to go down. What Eddie Spaghetti has learned in the last few episodes/several hours is pretty wild, when you think about it: He got wind of the drug deaths, got punched by Julian for bringing that up, found out that his father is beholden to the Senator for evidence in the Yaeger murder, and possibly confirmed -- at least for himself -- that he was responsible for it, despite his lack of memory. He sent the wife and kids out of town, ostensibly because it was about to get hot, but really if you know Edward at all I guess it should have been obvious he was planning some kind of freakout.

Random Guy: "Are you sure about this? Probably everybody will get fired and/or killed."
Edward: "Some men just want to see the world burn, Jeeves."

Everybody on the whole TV show does that anthill-stomping deal of turning on their TV, or like when Gossip Girl would release a WTF bomb.

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