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Joanna accompanied Julian Bowers to a pharmaceutical conference in the Caribbean, where they met with Senator Dwight "Larroquette" Haverstock, who's got a complicated history with Bowers père and holds the keys to FDA approval for Julian's pet project, the poisonous cancer treatment Lyritrol. Brothers Julian and Edward were both aware of their dead sister Vivian's whistleblowing campaign, but only Edward knew her contact, Ben Preswick, was also the father of her unborn child. Nearly seduced by Julian's lifestyle and imaginary charisma, Joanna was shocked by evidence that Julian punched his sister the night she died -- and was so disgusted that she ended up back in her FBI handler's bed.


Will: "So I guess now Julian is Suspect #1? That makes me feel strong and important, because I am jealous of your long-standing relationship with him, because I am an idiot."
Joanna: "But you're my idiot. Let's narrate a quick recap of the entire series to date, what do you say?"
Will: "Good idea. I'm worried that only idiots watch this show."


Gabe: "Isn't it so weird how you keep going on fake dates with Julian and Will has to listen to you on your fake dates with Julian?"
Will: "We already covered that, but yes. It is very weird."
Joanna: "It's only weird because I'm a woman and you think I'm retarded and a whore. There is no other reason for you to be this one-note sucky about it. Frankly, I should be insulted, rather than hooking up with you ever other episode."
Will: "And yet."
Joanna: "And yet. Kiss kiss."
Will: "Speaking of being professional, I really wish that Edward had killed his sister. But I'm willing to obsess on Julian instead, if that makes me look even lamer."
Gabe: "Or we could do our jobs. Like it matters who you wish the perpetrator was. Way to make a place in your life for irrational confirmation bias."


Julian: "I sure do think I'm charming!"

Gabe: "Joanna is so good at pretending Julian isn't a douchebag."
Will: "What's that supposed to mean?"
Gabe: "Just that I admire her. As a liar. As a woman who lies and breaks hearts."
Will: "I said what do you mean."
Gabe: "Neither of us really care. Want a beer for this stakeout?"
Will: "No, because I am in the FBI. You're just a cop, you wouldn't understand."

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