Nothing's Free, Little Girl

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I Solemnly Swear I Am Up To No Good
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Pregnant/rehabilitating former goodtime gal Vivian Bowers was found dead in a motel room, sending her family into a tailspin. Her best friend from childhood, Joanna -- now a cop with an ex at the FBI -- went back into the house, undercover, to solve her murder. Vivian's drunk stepmom Sofia and little half-sister Mia were mostly uninterested in her noise, while Vivian's brothers Edward and Julian were annoyed and thrilled respectively.

At the top is Robert Bowers, who while corrupt and pretty evil, has a soft spot for his daughters that he's more than willing to transfer over to Joanna, setting her up in a job at his corrupt pharmaceutical company and playing right into her hands. A paparazzo promised Joanna info connecting Vivian to a whistleblower in Bowers R&D, but was violently murdered pretty much immediately thereafter.

Secrets: The company is selling a dangerous drug that preys on cancer patients, which Robert -- who's had affairs, sometimes with employees -- knows about and Julian developed. Edward, the older brother, is forced to work at the company as well, since a decade-old rape/murder allegation has rendered him unemployable. Julian and Joanna were each other's first loves, but Julian's ring indicates he punched Vivian in the face the night she died. Both brothers seem pretty invested in their own culpability for Vivian's drug-addicted downward spiral, while Sofia seems more concerned that Mia will find out her true birth mother: Dead Vivian herself.


Dead Vivian: "Joanna, remember how I said we were going to move to Spain together? And remember how my mom died and I started doing drugs? And then one night I tried to run away and you ratted me out to my dad, never suspecting I was pregnant? Good, because that's like everything that happened last week."

She does that thing where dreams don't work like they actually work, which is always so weird because you have to assume that whoever wrote this episode has had a dream before -- being a human person -- so they should know how they work, but they never do. Not on TV. Sometimes on Buffy, but not necessarily. Anyway, she's sitting in a chair smoking a cigarette and being like, "Solve my murder, please. You were there for all the important parts."

Joanna, waking: "Hoo! That was so weird. I've never had a dream like that before, because that's not how dreams work. But thanks for the recap."

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