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Eleventh Night
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Vivian Bowers was found dead in a motel room, so her erstwhile/teen-pregnancy deserting BFF Joanna let the biggest A-hole in the entire FBI send her undercover to screw the family over and/or figure out whodunit. Over the course of ten weeks, they selected perps at random, ruining everybody's lives for no good reason and still came up bunko. Their latest fuckups: Edward's wife has been shot in the damn head, Julian's girlfriend has been strangled and shot for killing dozens of people and finally they have closed the case to much acclaim, despite not having actually solved it.


"Murder, betrayal, scandal and, in the end, redemption. It's a saga that has gripped the imagination of the entire country..."

Robert: "Whoa there, Meredith. It's not actually that big a deal. I mean, don't forget the faked cover-up that nearly destroyed my company."
Meredith: "How are you coping?"
Sofia: "Faaaaabulously."
Meredith: "Really? Because all of your children jumped at the chance to fuck you over and you can't even trust your own employees, either."
Robert: "I don't hold grudges. I order hits on my own kids, but that kind of emotion... toxic, Meredith. It'll give you the kind of cancer not even Lyritrol can cure. Because Lyritrol can't cure cancer."


Will: "Go home, Joanna. Why are you still here? I can't have you FBI-ing all over the place now that I've fired you like three times and the case is closed."
Joanna: "Except we didn't actually solve the case!"
Will: "Audrey Cruz said on a wire that she killed everybody."
Joanna: "Right."
Will: "And Vivian Bowers was a person, correct?"
Joanna: "...I'm gonna need like a Venn diagram. The important thing is that I tattled to Robert when she got pregnant seventeen years ago, which led to the Senator blackmailing Robert via Edward and let Sofia replace her miscarried baby with Vivian's baby, and thus led inexorably straight to Vivian's druggie past, which has... nothing to do with her getting murdered. Don't you see? If I'd just let her run away and have her baby when she was a child, Audrey Cruz would never have used Ben Preswick to destroy Lyritrol!"

So. Dumb. I love this show -- it took a long while, but I came to love this show -- and let me just tell you this is going to be a short recap, because this episode was bullshit.

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