Good Luck With Your Death

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Love Is Not Love
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Last time on Engaños: Mentiras De Las Gueras, Joanna managed to fail a lie detector, piss off her surrogate father, get abducted by the Russian Mob, lose like a half-mil, crash a company car, and knuckle under to horrible FBI handler Will The Dil for the hundredth time. It was a tough week for dumb old Joanna, all things considered. Audrey Cruz and Julian Bowers are dating, which is a great example of water finding its own level, and eldest brother Edward Bowers is using his time away from the family to solve the crime that Joanna's entire TV show is about watching her fail to solve. Anything else that happened is most likely related to Mia Bowers's bone marrow.


Joanna remembers that time she stabbed a Russian mobster to death and pours herself a little bit of a drink. But then she's surprised by Rayburn, the Bowers's groundskeeper-killerman-club toter like all rich people have. She drops the whiskey, because she is jumpy!

Rayburn: "You are the worst houseguest. At least it wasn't a half-million dollars this time. Just some priceless scotch. Good God, you dummy."
Joanna: "I know."


How I knew this episode was going to be awesome is: Edward is cleaning out the fishtank of the frog he said he was going to kill by neglect, and then sure enough killed.

Will: "Why didn't you tell everybody that some of the dead Lyritrol people were little kids?"
Edward: "Because it is a bummer, FBI man, and talking about that would double-stuff my brother's career that I have already ruined. What do you want?"
Will: "Well, until my Chore-Wheel Of Arbitrary Guilt And Innocence lands on whoever it lands on next, you're my main witness against Robert Bowers."
Edward: "Oh no, huh uh. This wasn't about assisting you in your ever-changing witchhunt, this was about finishing the job for my sister. Which I have done. So now I'm going to California. Gonna get myself a new frog."
Will: "Then I will arrest and extradite you on zero charges of zero counts of doing anything in particular. My reason? I am a dickhole."
Edward: "Fuck off, Will. You are awful."
Will: "Would an awful person randomly neglect to inform you -- until right now, apparently -- that I found a copy of the drug-trial files in the car of the man who murdered your sister?"


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