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The Harlem Fakeout


Mia's father is still a "mystery" (yes, it's obviously Senator Haverstock), but the secret's out about her mom: Not the murderously possessive Sofia, but big sis Vivian. And as for Vivian's latest pregnancy, that dad's out of the bag too: Ben Preswick, whom Edward just recently saw tasered by a stranger and then run over by a bus. Mia's off with her motorcycle boyfriend, having fled cotillion, and Bowers patriarch Robert's illogical and frankly irritating animosity toward the Senator is starting to make a lot more sense.


There is a guy at the NYPD who is like a hotter version of Ben Preswick and wears a little vest, whose job is to play videos for cops who say things like "Enhance!" and "Freeze this frame! Freeze it!"

Will: "Okay, go back. Run it again. Run that video again of Ben Preswick getting hit by a bus. Run it."
Gabe: "I don't know that there is more information here that we have not already seen."
Will: "I just feel like Edward is probably in this footage and we will see him if we just keep running the video again, and also enhance it, and maybe freeze some frames."
Gabe: "There is literally no reason for you to believe that. Also, it's a complete coincidence that he was there. So you're saying that -- as contrived as it was last week, to see Edward witness Ben Preswick's death -- we're going to what, double down on that now? Make it an actual plotpoint how ridiculous that is?"
Will: "Wait, freeze this frame! Freeze it!"


Samantha: "I am a bundle of nerves! That's so weird that you just randomly went looking for Ben Preswick at the exact time he was getting murdered by the Mystery Tazer!"
Edward: "It's weird, but it's the stupid status quo. I bet it has to do with those twenty computer files I stole but still don't understand, despite having all the information I could possibly need."
Samantha: "I bet you're right. Maybe we should take them to the cops. Maybe they have something to do with a murder, and that's why you stole them."
Tater Tots: Interrupt this scintillating conversation.
Samantha: "Do little girls like pancakes? Let's try feeding you some pancakes."
Tater Tots: "We need new ice skates! They are for our posture! And pancakes, to break our fast!"

Ding dong.

Elder Tater Tot: "Who on earth could be at the door?"

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