A Drop Of Blood & A Microscope

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Vivian Bowers, famous celebutante and cautionary tale, was found murdered and her childhood best friend -- a San Francisco cop named Joanna -- has gone back to her childhood house to solve it. One brother has a history of violent allegations, while the other -- Joanna's first love -- has the greatest motive. Their youngest sister was actually Vivian's teen pregnancy baby, which could provide decent motive for the stepmother. Joanna's decided to stop dating her ex-partner and current FBI contact, but they both know it's because she kind of wants to hook back up with Julian. The man Vivian was dating when she died was also her mole in her family's pharmaceutical company, which is bringing a killer drug to market, so the assumption is that he is or will soon be dead at the hands of whoever killed her.


Joanna and the team sit around watching the latest footage of Edward Bowers being up to no good: In this case, driving not so much away from as directly through a clutch of paps. Guess being suspected of a second intense murder is dimming his usually sunny disposition.

Gabe: "He just grazed that Asian chick and sped off! If he'd hit that reporter solid, that would be his third murder! I am still absolutely sure about him killing his sister, and still for absolutely no reason! If he's driven that car into the side of a Panda Express, his murders could reach into the double digits! If he had access to nuclear weapons, who knows how many people he would have killed!"
Cheng: "Except for creepiness. But the criminal justice system demands so much more."
Joanna: "I'm going to spend all episode trying to talk to Marin Hinkle, the estranged wife."
Cheng: "As long as we're talking about things that aren't going to happen, how about getting 'that second keycard from the crime scene,' a thing I don't believe any of us have ever mentioned before. Or Ben Preswick, the baby daddy. Or literally any leads at all."
Joanna: "Ben's gone to ground, he's been missing since she died. Landlord hasn't seen him. He hasn't used his phone or credit cards."
Gabe: "So what you're saying is that he is totally dead. Is that not what you are saying?"


Edward: "You really need to stop stressing out about this. I'm sure you'll be fine."
Ben: "Really, either of us could have killed her. You're incredibly creepy, and I am nondescript."

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