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What price, justice?

Previously on D.C.: Mason met Kristi in her morning-after attire, Finley was told by her parents that she needs a "loife planne" so she told her parents that Mason got fired. Mason got a new job with a Congressman from Michigan and Sarah broke the news to Pete that she has a Supreme Court boyfriend.

It's the middle of the night and we see a naked Lewis and a naked Sarah entwined in the sheets. Sarah answers the ringing phone, assuming it's for her, but it's no,t so she gives the phone to Lewis, who says, "Where is he now? Tell him not to talk to anyone until I get there! Bye." Lewis jumps out of bed and takes off for a police station where he finds his relatives. A female relative runs up to him: "Lewis! Look, they won't let us see him, they're interrogating him!" Lewis asks what happened. The relative tells him that "he" called around 2:30: "He said he would have called you first but he didn't have your new number. Look, something about an electronics store and him and Riggs." Lewis makes a comforting gesture to an older relative who's sitting down and then walks up to the police desk, "Excuse me -- Tyrrell Freeman, which room is he in?" The officer asks Lewis who he is. "I'm his attorney," Lewis answers. Lewis is admitted to an interrogation room and he embraces a teenager. Tyrrell tells Lewis that he "didn't tell them anything." Lewis tells him, "That's good," and asks, "Are you okay? Nothing's hurt? Nothing's broken?" Tyrrell, crying and shaking, tells him no. "I'm sorry," Tyrrell sobs. "Hey, you got Ruby here, you got Audra, and you got your cousin Lewis. Look how many people you got out here at three in the morning, huh? Hey, come on, I'm not going to let anything bad happen to you," Lewis tells his cousin. "Hey, you can fix all this, can't you?" Tyrrell asks. "Yes, I can handle this," Lewis assures him and hugs him again.

Theme song that talks about high ideals and dreams, or something... "Crimson flames tied through my ears / Rollin' high and mighty traps / Pounced with fire on flaming roads / Using ideas as my maps / 'We'll meet on edges soon,' said I / Proud 'neath heated brow / Ah but I was so much older then / I'm younger than that now."

Two hot Bod commercials immediately following one another. Who pays for these things?

Pete and Mason are on a golf course dressed in that goofy golf attire that is neither flattering nor fetching. Pete speaks to the camera in a way that almost makes me think they are doing one of those "because anything else would be uncivilized" deodorant commercials. "A beautiful day, an empty course, and the only word that comes to mind is 'guilty'?" Pete asks. "A beautiful Monday," Mason clarifies, "and an empty course we're scamming our way onto, the only thing balancing out my 'you should be working' guilt is my 'you're breaking the law' guilt."

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