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Tom reminds us that these are the semifinals, and only three of the remaining dancers will be going on to the finals NEXT WEEK. I'm pretty excited about that -- given how many couples we started out with, and the fact that there wasn't any one star I was really behind the whole time, this season has felt looooooong. But you know what else it has been? LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE!

The couples enter down the big staircase and then Tom once more reviews that there are four remaining couples. Samantha adds that they will be dancing one ballroom and one Latin routine, and then they'll be doing the knockout routine they never got to use. So this is the first time ever that couples have had to do three individual routines in one show. That is a lot, although they've been working on their knockout routines for many weeks, just in case, right?

First up are Donny and Kym. Last week, they did well with their waltz, but their paso doble didn't do so hot, and they ended up tied with Aaron and Karina at the bottom. So now that Aaron's gone, Donny feels like they are bringing up the rear. In rehearsals for their tango, Kym works with Donny on getting the details right so they can up their scores. She even calls in Gilles Marini to help him out with the passion and intensity. Gilles tells Donny that his goal should be to make people feel a little uncomfortable watching the dance because of the passion. He shows Donny how to take control; Donny tries it out and it kind of works for him.

Okay, I don't know what happened between rehearsals and performance, but this routine is not working for me from the beginning. First, the music is this jazzy number that is not tango-like at all. Second, Donny's movements are not nearly precise and sharp enough, and the intensity just isn't there. It's like he lost focus. And worst of all for Donny, he doesn't perform it. Usually you can count on Donny for that, even if his technique isn't great. He seems to know, and looks really disappointed when they finish as Kym whispers something to him.

As Donny walks over to wait for judging, he sits down on the floor and then cries in agony, clearly knowing that the routine didn't work. Len says that he doesn't know why it didn't work, and Donny blames it on the fact that he saw Marie in the audience. Bruno doesn't know why Donny lost it and couldn't cover it up, which is tragic at this point. Carrie Ann says that there was no drama happening, except in Donny's head. She compliments them on making it to the end; apparently they got tangled up in each other's costumes, which I kind of missed. Scores: Carrie Ann 7, Len 7, and Bruno 7. The audience boos, but only mildly, and Donny thinks the judges were kind. As Tom throws it to commercial, Marie is out on the floor with him and she won't shut her trap. Man, do I not miss her AT ALL.

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