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Last night brought the first perfect score of the season for Mya and Dmitry and their '70s samba, and no one really did horribly! And yet, someone has to go home tonight, so who shall it be?

Tom asks Len which dance he would like to see again. Weirdly, they don't pick the one that got a perfect score, but they want to see Joanna and Derek's paso doble from THE FUTURE! Len addresses this by saying...well, he doesn't actually do a good job of explaining it. I think the routine is almost as good as last night but it doesn't have the wow factor since we've seen it once already. I do admire the fact that, if they didn't announce what kind of dance it was at the beginning, I would be able to tell that it's a paso doble even though it looks very different from the traditional routine.

Time to review what happened last night. Aaron and Karina were at the bottom of the scoring, as were Donny and Kym. Aaron was happy to get praise from the judges and Donny had a great time dancing. Kelly and Louis are next, and Kelly was thrilled with her own performance. Joanna and Derek got good but not great scores. Mya and Dmitry finally got their perfect score, and we all learned that Dmitry doesn't look horrible with a '70s pornstache.

They're already going to reveal a couple that is safe! Man, that took no time at all .I guess it's because they have a lot of performances to do tonight. Anyway, the first couple that is safe is... Joanna and Derek. It's funny because when they turn out the spotlight over them, their LED costumes light up so you can still see them.

Apparently, now we're going to review what happened last night one more time. Dude. Didn't we just do this? If you have time to do TWO recaps of last night's episode, your results show may just be too long. I can't believe they can't come up with more original content. Let DanceCenter be two segments long. The only interesting things that happen are that Louis and Kelly cry and embrace after getting good scores for their ballroom dance. Both of them cry! They clearly like each other a great deal, and I think it's sweet. It has made me like Louis more.

Michael Buble is on to perform. See, now I'm starting to think that there must be something wrong with the audio setup on this show because he's off key, and I'm pretty sure that Michael Buble knows how to sing. Anyway, Jonathan and Maks come out to dance, and they are soon joined by Anna and Cheryl. These four always look like they're having a lot of fun on the dance floor. Okay, but seriously, are the monitors bad? Because Michael Buble just hit a really bad note. Maks gives Cheryl a big kiss at the end of the dance (on the cheek, pervs) -- I bet that will start a lot of rumors.

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