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Last week, double elimination. This week, another double elimination. Has the world gone mad? I actually really love the double eliminations. Get rid of the dead weight, I say. Let's get things moving. This season has been dragging and the performance shows have been way too long.

Tom and Samantha welcome us and explain that, in addition to their individual dances this week, the couples will have to dance as a team on either the paso doble or the tango. And to show us what that should look like, Tony, Alec, and Jonathan are joined by Chelsie, Edyta, and I think Elena? She was partners with Tucker Carlson and Clyde Drexler. They do a combo paso/tango as a team. I always like seeing the pros dance together, but I would also enjoy hearing someone like Len narrating the dance to explain what the pros are doing right and what the judges will be looking for in each routine. I did crack up when they showed Len clapping along at the judges' desk while Blondie's "Call Me" played during the tango.

Tom and Samantha introduce the couples. Mark D. is paired with Anna T. because Lacey has the flu. Louis has on electric blue fringed pants. WTF? Those are some insane trousers, son. I have totally turned around on Louis this season. I didn't used to like him at all, although I've always respected his talent. I think I just didn't like his partners. Tom reminds us that the stars designed their partner's costumes, which explains Louis's pants, and also why he keeps pretending to strangle Kelly.

Tom asks Len what they judges are looking for this week. Len says that the couples will continue to feel pressure, and the judges will expect the couples to be great instead of just good at this point. That was kind of pointless.

Michael and Anna are up first. Michael did well with his waltz, but then had to compete against Louie and Chelsie in the dance-off. Michael explains that he really thought he was going home and so he just let go and had fun during his routine, and somehow it worked. Anna suggests that he dance like that all of the time. Word, Anna. In rehearsals for their foxtrot, Anna tries to get Michael to bring out his inner showman, and remember to be elegant and debonair. I really think Michael is improving. He's not great, but he's way better technique-wise than he used to be. Does this translate into their showtime performance? I think Michael looks good, but not great. His footwork is better than it has been, and he's got good musicality. He smiles big throughout and definitely sells it. I don't see any major flubs, but his posture could be better.

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