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Bruno can't believe that Aaron is doing a dance-off after his awesome performance last night, but he thinks this jive was just as good. Carrie Ann thought tonight's was better. Me too! Len calls Aaron the Comeback Kid, and he got Len's first 10 of the year last night, and this was just as good. I think Aaron might have it in the bag. And he deserves it, although it kills me to say that.

After the break, it's time to find out which couple is staying. Carrie Ann says that this was a difficult decision and both couples gave top-notch performances. Len doesn't think either couple could have danced any better. Bruno compliments both couples as well. They must be running early or something because what's up with this bullshit. Finally, Len announces that the judges have decided to save...Aaron and Karina, and it was unanimous. Well, we saw the writing on the wall with that one.

So Mark and Lacey are going home. Mark says it was a great experience, and it was really hard, but he loved the bond that he created. Tom compliments Mark for his ability to nail his knockoff dance even though he had such a rough week. Lacey tells Mark, completely insincerely, that he's great and awesome. Man, could Lacey have been less in love with her partner this season? She kind of acted like a dick. I'm going to work on a theory that this season, more than any other, the relationship between the partners makes a different in who stays and who goes. Look for that next week after I ruminate a while.

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