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Clip package about preparing the knock-out dance, and how you never know if you're going to have to do it. And it's scary. Filler, filler, filler.

So now the bottom three are on stage, and we get to find out which couple is going home immediately and which two will perform in the dance off. God, Aaron looks so pissed off. I kind of wish I could find out his uncensored opinion on his performance on this show. Like does he think he's really awesome? He can't complain that the judges are out to get him, given the scores he got last night. I almost feel bad for him, but not really. So who's going home right now? Michael and Anna. Aw. It's deserved, but I will miss him and I think the other dancers will miss him backstage. Tom conducts the exit interview, and Michael seems really emotionally touched. He also somehow brings up the economy? Not sure what that has to do with it. Anna thanks Michael for being a great partner. I don't know if Anna D. will be back next season. She turned out to be kind of a dud as a pro, didn't she?

Samantha is backstage with Aaron and Mark and their partners. Aaron has the worst poker face. Mark is at least smiling even as he looks worried. Aaron looks like he's going to throw up.

Mark and Lacey are the first to dance. The clip package reminds us that Mark got terrible scores last night when dancing with Anna. Mark and Lacey have a knockout dance that they prepared last week, and didn't use. Ah, that makes a lot of sense. So they're doing the cha cha cha. It definitely has a lot of energy and they really attack it. There's a lot of gymnastics from Mark, and I'm not crazy about that. They're supposed to be dancing, not having Mark do cartwheels. Mark does well in hold but when he's on his own, he gets a little out of control.

Len thought it was clean, sharp, and top-notch. Hmm. I thought he would be mad about all the tricks. Bruno tells him that the tricks were great, and the little cha cha that was in there was good too. Carrie Ann is relieved that Mark is back, and thought the flow of the dance was effortless.

Aaron and Karina are up next. I wonder if they could just do their jive again. I mean, the judges loved it. That's probably against the rules. Aaron and Karina went to rehearsal after last night's show and worked on a different jive. Aaron admits that he's got an advantage if the judges are deciding instead of the viewers. That probably didn't win him any votes from the viewers for next week, though. Their jive seems like it's over in just a minute, but you know what? It's really good. And you all know how I feel about Aaron. But it's sharp and clean and totally in sync. I'm feeling it. My only problem with it is Aaron's facial expressions, which bug the crap out of me, but I'll cut him some slack because I'm sure he's got massive adrenaline going right now.

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