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Last night, the individual dances were good, but the team dances were great, at least according to the judges. But tonight, two couples will be going home. And who gets the encore? Of course, Team Tango. People were complaining that the teams were uneven, but I don't know if that's true. Let's just assume that all of the pros are equal, although I don't know that it's true. The leaders, score-wise, have been Joanna, Mya, Donny, and Aaron. Two of them are on the Paso team and two are on the Tango team. Also, while the scoring losers are both on the same team (Michael and Mark), you probably want the weaker dancers on the team with more people -- then they can hide better during the group segments and have less time for the individual solos. The one argument that might hold water is that the Tango team has better group choreographers in Derek and Louis. I might agree with that. Anyway, the routine is not as good tonight -- I spotted a lot of goofs in the various solos. I don't know if the dancers were less focused because it didn't count, or if the energy is just gone, or what, but Kelly screwed up a lot and Donny had a few goofs too. The kick line near the end still has a lot of impact, though.

Tom reviews last night's events. I think it's interesting that Donny claims to have the flu (which first of all, stop spreading your germs around dude, and stay home) and yet the producers chose not to make it a storyline this week. I'm always interested in which injuries and illnesses get focused on and which ones get glossed over.

So who is safe and who is in the bottom three? Tom reveals that Kelly and Louis are safe. I think she's a fan favorite and it's going to take a real screw-up for her to go home. And in the bottom three are... Mark and Lacey. Hey, Lacey's back! So will she do the dance-off if they make it that far? Did they get to rehearse? Who knows?

Colbie Caillat is there to perform her new single. She really needs to take it up a key or two, because the beginning is way too low. Although when she moves up into her register, it still doesn't sound great. Maybe she's sick? I'm trying to give her the benefit of the doubt. I've never heard her perform live. She also looks about ten years older than her videos I've seen. She's having a rough night. Anyway, while she sings, Alec and Edyta come out and dance. They are a super hot couple. I don't find Alec very attractive, but together they are pretty amazing.

Samantha is backstage with Lacey and Mark as well as Kelly and Louis. She points out that Kelly and Louis will have two individual dances next week. Kelly thinks the build-up has been gradual so she thinks she's ready for it. Louis jokes that he'll make Kelly cry in rehearsal some more to get her ready and Kelly vows that she's done being a crybaby. Samantha asks Mark about the dance-off and he says they're ready if they get to do it, and apparently Lacey is going to be the one dancing with him.

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