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Last night was the halfway point of the season, which really makes me hope that the producers start with fewer couples next season. The judges were mostly nice, even to those that didn't get high scores, and the scores were higher for many couples than they've ever been. Tonight, there's going to be a tribute to Michael Jackson and then someone will be sent home LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE!

Samantha's hair is back to normal tonight, so I guess she is doing crazy hair on Performance Night and regular hair on Results Night. Tom reviews last night's routines and scores, reminding us that Mya and Aaron had breakthroughs, impressing the judges (Len and Carrie Ann respectively) that had criticized them heavily on previous occasions. Kelly hurt her foot during her routine and her dad took her to the hospital to get it checked, but Kelly vowed that her foot would have to fall off for her to leave the competition at this point. Mark D. was pleased with his high scores and was psyched that they were so close to Mya that they could sniff her. Lacey is very bitchy when she says, "You sniff her." Like I get that was kind of a gross thing to say, but she could have laughed about it or something; instead, she kind of made Mark look like a fool. And Donny took over the leaderboard for the first time.

Tom announces that Kelly sprained her foot and got a contusion. From what I read elsewhere, the buckle on her shoe got slammed into her foot, so ouch. But Tom says that if she makes it through tonight, she should no doubt be back next week, which is good news. Perhaps as a result (?), we don't get to see the group dance as the encore, which is the usual MO. Instead, we're going to see Donny and Kym's tango again. Look, the Hustle was no masterpiece, but everyone seemed to have fun. Then again, there was a lot of costuming and wigs, so maybe it was too technically difficult to do that and then also have the pros do their MJ tribute.

Before that tribute happens, the show has a bumper featuring pros who have danced to Michael Jackson songs in the past. First up are Louis and Monique, who danced to "ABC." Louis interviews that Michael opened doors for people who wanted to try new things.

Norah Jones is on hand to perform, and they've put a new stage in for musical performers. Some bizarrely dressed pro dancers go out on the floor; the women are in these Goth-type short poofy white dresses with tall black boots with fishnet stockings. And the dudes are in jodhpurs? And they're kind of just dragging the ladies around the floor. Obviously the producers haven't quite worked out the logistics of the new stage and whatnot since some cameraman run in front of the camera halfway through. Oops. That whole thing was weird. I like Norah Jones though.

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