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Len gets a chance to say who he thinks should stay. He admits that Chuck is a likeable guy, but whoever stays will have to learn two dances next week, and Len thinks Aaron is more capable of that. Aaron and his stupid face is all serious and looking like he's about to burst into tears again. How has someone who has been in the public eye since he was like eight years old not developed a thicker skin? Or a better poker face? If he could laugh or at least lighten up a little bit, I think people would like him more. Instead, he just seems pouty and mopey. Dude. It's a reality dancing competition. It means nothing in the grand scheme of things. Relax.

So who's going home? Chuck and Anna. BOOOOOOOOOOO! I don't think Chuck is a better dancer, but I hate Aaron and I really like Anna. Samantha asks Chuck what he will take away from the competition. Chuck says that he had fun and he learned that dancing is really hard. Anna calls him a bear and a hippo. That's why I love Anna. She's so honest and Russian. Maybe Aaron will go home next week. A girl can dream.

While you are waiting and hoping that Aaron will screw up and get voted off, take a look at our gallery of the most ridiculous contestants ever to appear on the show.

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