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After the break, Tom and Samantha are ready to reveal some more safe couples. The first one is... Mark and Lacey. They seem surprised. The second safe couple is... Michael and Anna. Samantha prefaces it by saying, "You didn't see this coming..." We didn't? I did. I think Michael probably has a bigger fanbase than Louie, just based on the fact that more people know football stars than snowboarders.

Clip package about how some of the star's kids react to their moms and dads being on the show. Mark, Michael, Chuck, and Melissa all have really cute kids. That's the takeaway.

Shakira is back to sing her hit "Hips Don't Lie." Just when I'm starting to wonder why they didn't let some pros do a routine to her song, a bevy of belly dancers come down the stairs and join Shakira for the second half of the song. Eh. Belly dancers. Obvious.

I think Latoya Jackson is in the audience again. She's totally going to be a contestant next season, isn't she? Backstage, Samantha asks Michael is he was surprised to be safe, and he admits that he was sure that he was in the bottom two. Joanna is excited to do ballroom next week because she'll have the tango, and she hasn't done ballroom in a while. Kelly is a little scared about having to learn two dances, but she knows that everyone is in the same boat and she's excited to dance with everyone else. I do love the group dances. Train. Wreck. Although nothing will ever top Cloris Leachman's hip hop routine.

Clip package about how stressful it is to be on the show. You have to work really hard. You have to do something you've never done before, and you have four days to do it. You have to communicate with someone who was a stranger just a few weeks earlier. The pros get just as stressed out as the stars sometimes, and sometimes the partners fight. Chuck finds it helpful to punch the heavy bag to remind himself that he is actually good at something. And don't even get them started on elimination night, because that freaks everyone out.

Samantha and Tom are back to tell us about some more safe couples. The first one is... Donny and Kym. So now either Chuck and Anna or Louie and Chelsie will join Aaron and Karina in the bottom two, after the break.

So who else is in the bottom two? It could be Chuck and Anna. It could be Louie and Chelsie. And you know who is safe? Louie and Chelsie. Wow, I'm surprised that Chuck is in the bottom two. I know he had low scores, but I thought he had a pretty big fanbase.

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