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Tom tells us that last night, the ladies ruled and the fellas drooled. And former leaders like Louie fell down the leader board while former cellar dwellers like Melissa shot to the top (and if you read my weecap of last night's episode, you know my feelings on that, so I'll shut up about it now). So what does it mean for who will be going home tonight? We'll find out shortly and it will be LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE!

Samantha doesn't look as good tonight as she did last night. She kind of looks like she tried to sleep on her blowout and it's all flat and sticking out in a few spots. Like the morning after prom or something. Her dress is pretty, though. She should wear red more often; it's a great color for her. They throw it to a clip package reviewing what happened last night. Which I already recapped once, so we don't need to go through that again, do we? They throw in a few new confessional clips, and my favorite is Kelly Osbourne talking about how great it feels to dance and do well in front of a crowd, and she wishes she could bottle that feeling. That's the difference between Kelly and say, Donny or Aaron to me. Kelly is genuine and isn't a seasoned performer, so it's all new for her, and she doesn't have to fake it. I feel like sometimes Donny and Aaron are faking the enthusiasm. It's very Vegas and plastic, which is why it's so much more fun to watch Kelly than it is to watch the others, for me at least. In Mya's confessional, Dmitry just holds up a sign with a big question mark on it, because they just can't figure out what they need to do to get a good score from Len. I kind of agree. He needs to be more specific for them, because critiques like "Simplify" or "More content" aren't really helping. Hopefully, Mya will make it to the part where Len comes in and gives one-on-one instruction and they can get more info.

Len announces that the encore will be Melissa and Mark, so maybe I can figure out why it got such high scores. [What happened to his comment that he was going to give it to Joanna for her sexy lambada? -- Angel] Normally, when I'm trying to do my own version of judging, I pretty much just watch the star. I know the pro knows what they are doing, and watching the pro can be distracting. The thing that bothers me about this dance is that Melissa is just galumphing around out there like a clod. I just watched one segment back in slow motion, trying to pinpoint what the problem was, and it's a part where they are doing sort of a modified time step (for those of you who have ever taken tap lessons). As Mark swings his leg back, he points his toe, and Melissa has hers fully flexed and it looks awful. Also, Mark is so much lighter on his feet while Melissa seems to be rooted to the ground. Like I said previously, I think she's just not graceful, and I don't know if there's a way to teach that, but she could start by pointing her toes once in a while. Then there's a segment where they kick a leg out to each side and Melissa's kicks are well below her waist while Mark's are almost up by her shoulders. Either he needs to adjust to her step or she needs to get more flexible, but it's really noticeable and makes her look bad. I'm not trying to totally nitpick, but it really bothered me that she got such a high score, and I'm trying to figure out exactly what I felt was so bad. I thought she deserved somewhere in the 21-24 range at best. Regardless, I don't think she would have gone home, so I'll let it go now.

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