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Karina and Aaron have the rumba this week, and Karina has to keep telling Aaron that he's overdoing it, because he's used to performing and making things bigger. If she didn't want him to overperform, maybe she shouldn't have dressed him in a powder blue smoking jacket. What the fuck is that thing? He looks like he's wearing a nightgown or something. I mean, he's a pretty slight and feminine dude anyway, and the outfit isn't helping. Earlier, Len said that the rumba can come off as either too feminine or too masculine and Mark was the latter. I think Aaron is the former. He's too flamboyant with his movements, and I see what Karina was talking about.

Bruno liked the attack, but says that it needed more fluidity and subtlety. Carrie Ann loves his lines, but he did overexaggerate his movements. Len thinks Aaron flung his arms around too much instead of being graceful and fluid. Scores: Carrie Ann 8, Len 6, and Bruno 7.

So what's up with Tom DeLay? Well, he's backstage, so it doesn't look good. In rehearsals, he was dancing like a robot, but Cheryl got him looking a little better by Saturday. Unfortunately, they had to cut rehearsal short because of the stress fracture in his foot. Tom explains that the producers and his doctors told him to drop out, but he refused. And now, speaking to him live, he has stress fractures in both feet. But he's not dropping out! God, just drop out. I mean, he's not going to win. Then again, what's he going to do? Go home and wait for his next court date? So they do their samba and it's a whole play on politics with DeLay wearing a sequined elephant and Cheryl wearing a sequined donkey on her dress. And it's not as horrible as I imagined. I mean, Tom counts out loud, but given his limited rehearsal time and injuries, it could have been worse. Again, it was like your watching a mom and dad at a wedding, and they went out and took a couple of dance classes so they could do this big routine, but neither of them are exactly professional dancers. But they also don't embarrass themselves. Maybe I'm being overly charitable. He does shake his butt a bunch of times and I think we've seen about enough of that.

Carrie Ann says that it's easy to watch Tom, because he's smooth and entertaining, but it could have been more exciting somehow. Len thinks Tom is a hero for dancing through his injuries. Bruno thinks Tom is, in the immortal words of ABBA, a super trooper. Scores: Carrie Ann 6, Len 4, and Bruno 5. They're not in last place, so there's that.

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