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Bruno thinks they're going backwards, because Michael has charm and personality, but he was always on the wrong foot and messed up the steps. Carrie Ann thinks Michael has plenty of rhythm, but he's dancing too small. Len knows the samba is difficult, but this was a bit disappointing for him. Scores: Carrie Ann 5, Len 4, and Bruno 5. Wow. The judges are really holding back the high scores, unless your name is Mya. That's surprising. I didn't think it was THAT bad.

Natalie, who I think is gaining some momentum in the competition, has the rumba this week. Her problem in rehearsals is that she doesn't feel comfortable being sexy, and every time Alec gets close to her, she turns red. Edyta (who is Alec's wife) comes in and advises Natalie to make eye contact while dancing to make it sexier. But every time Natalie tries to make eye contact, she giggles. Their dance starts kind of weirdly, with Natalie on the floor under a giant veil and smoke in the background. Natalie does a great job with the sexiness, I think. And she doesn't giggle! Alec's choreography shows off Natalie's flexibility and strength too.

Carrie Ann is cheering and says that Natalie pulled through. Len thought it was expressive with good leg and hip action, and he loved it. Bruno tells Natalie that she didn't just fly, but she went stratospheric. He also calls her a sexy beast. Scores: Carrie Ann 9, Len 8, and Bruno 9.

Chuck and Anna impressed the judges with their tango last week, but now they have to do the samba. Anna explain to Chuck that this is a party dance, unlike the tango which was much more serious, and Chuck could use his intimidating nature. So then we find out that Chuck goes and gets pedicures with his tween daughter, so he's not all gruff and tumble. Chuck is also wearing giant ruffled sleeves. I mean, they are giant. He rips them off and throws them away early on, thankfully. Oh, his posture is horrible. And he has zero hip action. I think if Anna had choreographed this as a more smooth routine with more time in hold, he would have done better, because he almost got into a groove there for a second.

Len congratulates Anna on her choreography and Chuck on his ability to entertain. Bruno is all giggly as he explains that this routine obviously took a lot of work, but Chuck kind of looked like a zombie. Carrie Ann loves Chuck's attitude. Scores: Carrie Ann 6, Len 5, and Bruno 6. That seems about right; I was worried after the comments that Chuck would get higher scores. I like his attitude, but he didn't deserver higher scores.

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