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Carrie Ann thought the routine was cute but safe, and she wants to see more of Debi's fiery personality. Len thought she was precise, but it never ignited. Bruno also thinks she was disconnected, and he advises her to work it and work with Maks. Scores: Carrie Ann 6, Len 5, and Bruno 6. I think the 6 was deserved; don't know about the 5. LEN.

Do you think Donny Osmond is on steroids? Because he's kind of getting that Jerry Lewis giant head syndrome. And his body isn't fat, so I don't think it's just that he's overweight or something. Anyway, this week, he and Kym have the rumba, and he has to work hard to be romantic with the rumba since he's more the happy-go-lucky guy. They're dancing to "Endless Love," and I have a soft spot for this song. It opens with Donny doing some solo dancing, and it's not bad, or even embarrassing to watch, which is what I feared. And he has hip action! I mean, he doesn't look like Maks or Derek, but it's there. It's romantic. Not in the hot young way that Chelsie and Louie were, but it's nice. Like a couple dancing on their 30th wedding anniversary -- sentimental.

Len starts out with a pointer on technique and keeping your legs straight, but then says that he thinks Donny did a great job. Bruno thought it looked pretty, but a little too balletic. Donny gives Bruno a big kiss and then dips him and roars. I don't know what in the hell is going on there. Donny just lost his damn mind. He jokes that they're not going to let him back in Utah, and Bruno yells, "Let's all go to Bora Bora." Carrie Ann tries to gather her thoughts, and says she gives Donny credit for doing a solo, even though he lost his musicality partway through. And she liked his vulnerability. Scores: Carrie Ann 7, Len 7, and Bruno 7. Samantha says that Donny should have given Bruno tongue for a higher score. Oh, dear.

Tom goes over and interviews Paula Abdul, who's sitting in the audience next to Lance Bass. She babbles all Paula-like about how Len is like Simon and she wants to make out with Carrie Ann. I'm so glad she's not a judge on this show. I can't take her nonsense. We already have Bruno, who's goofy but at least makes sense once in a while.

Michael and Anna work on their samba in rehearsals, and Michael gets all fired up. He doesn't want to work on new steps until he has the old ones down, but Anna thinks they have to keep moving. Anna decides that they need to write out their goals and check them off as he learns them so they are both on the same page. It seems to work. Before the season, I kind of thought Michael would be more interesting. He's disappointing me. Their samba is entertaining, if not great technically. Michael has a ton of personality on the dance floor, anyway. His biggest samba problem is lack of hip action. I think he's confused shaking his butt with hip action, and they're not the same. Anna is getting better at the Julianne school of choreography where she dances around a stationary partner, but we're getting to the point in the competition where that's not going to fly anymore, I think.

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