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Len thought that Melissa really performed well, and had good foot and leg action, but she needs to feel the rhythm in her whole body. Bruno thought it was an improvement over last week, because she paid attention to her foot placement. Carrie Ann says that she can still see the fear in Melissa's performance, and she needs to let go of that. Tom makes a crack about how, when he sees Mark's hair, he wants to watch TJ Hooker. Yes! He's totally '80s Adrian Zmed. Good call, Tom. Scores: Carrie Ann 6, Len 6, and Bruno with a defiant 7.

Louie and Chelsie are up next, and Louie slicked his hair back this week, to try to get into the rumba mood. I think Louie has a little crush on her, and she might like him a little too. I don't know if their acting up for the cameras or what, but they do have a lot of chemistry. So how does that translate to the dance floor? Well, they definitely have chemistry. They're practically doing it on the floor. I tried to watch for any sign of hip action or footwork from Louie but I was so caught up in whether or not they were going to make out, I didn't see one way or the other. Wasn't I just criticizing Carrie Ann for that? Then again, judging is not my job. It's just my hobby.

Bruno basically says that Louie is super horny and he loves it. Bruno recovers enough to say that the dancing needs to be more fluid. Carrie Ann says that she and Bruno were screaming over how cute Louie and Chelsie were on the floor. Len complains that he didn't see any finesse, and it was too hectic. Grouchy Len is back. Tom tells the kids not to worry about the grumpy old man. Scores: Carrie Ann 8, Len 5, and Bruno 7. Holy crap! Len! Damn. That was not a 5 dance at all. I'm usually right there with Len, but jeez.

Debi and Maks hit the bottom two last week, so how will they battle back? Debi claims that now she's really motivated to work hard. Maks brings in Mel B. to talk to Debi about battling back from being in the bottom. I bet they had a really interesting conversation that got edited out, knowing those two. Maks thinks Debi is much more focused this week. So did it pay off in their samba? Well... not really. Debi just doesn't seem fully committed to the dance. I think she's thinking so hard about what the next steps are that she's not following through on the step she's currently doing. Like instead of extending her arm all the way up in the air, she kind of half-asses it, but I don't think it's because she doesn't care or is embarrassed. She just seems distracted.

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