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Bruno thought their dance was full of excitement and life, but Joanna made some footwork mistakes, and she needs to work on her strength. See? Just like they told La Lucci! Carrie Ann loves that Joanna was fearless and just went for it, and that it was so sexy. Len appreciated both the dancing and the choreography. He loves Derek's choreography, doesn't he? I guess because he always includes standard ballroom elements. Scores: Carrie Ann 7, Len 8, and Bruno 8. That seems a little high to me.

Mya and Dmitry finally hit their stride last week with their jive. But did they peak too early? This week, they have the rumba, which needs to be sexy. Dmitry also has to think about making their dance traditional, since Len got on them about their waltz. So then there's this ridiculously set up and fake thing where Mya makes the studio more romantic to help her get in the mood. Whatever. When they start their routine, Dmitry does a good job with the acting part, but Mya barely looks at him. I don't know if she's nervous or what, but she doesn't do a great job with the acting part of the dance, even as she does an amazing job with the dancing part. She looks great, but I'm not feeling the connection between them as strongly as I think it could potentially be.

Carrie Ann disagrees with me, as she claims she had the chills. She isn't even sure if they did a lift, because she was so caught up. For Christ's sake. Either she's a judge or a fan, but she can't be both. Len liked the chemistry, but he thought there was a bit much going on with the choreography. Bruno screams at Mya that she put all of America in the mood for love and then I think he calls her a whore? He said something about no price is too high for her. I'm sure that's not what he meant. Scores: Carrie Ann 10, Len 7, and Bruno 10. Wow. Everyone goes quiet after Len's score. I don't think the 10s were earned, but I thought Len's score was low. I guess it all evens out.

Melissa and Mark are the next couple to dance, and they have the samba this week. In rehearsals, Melissa has a hard time and Mark keeps pushing her and pushing her. She says that she wants to win, but only she can work on her technique. And she clearly worked really hard on her spray tan this week, because she is really, really dark. I also don't know what Mark is doing with his hair, but it's very poofy. When it comes to the actual dancing, it's very awkward. I think she's just not very graceful. She shakes her stuff all over the place but it looks weird. Maybe the judges can pinpoint it.

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