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Countdown to the final performance show of the season! Tomorrow night, either Donny, Kelly, or Mya will be crowned the champion of season nine, based on their performances tonight. And while it's live, Tom doesn't announce that it's LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE!

After introducing the three finalist couples, Tom explains that they will be doing three brand new routines tonight. They'll first do a ballroom/Latin routine, and then something new called a megamix, where all three couples will dance at once (haven't they done that before but called it something else?) and finally, the dreaded freestyle, where things can go oh-so-right, or oh-so-wrong.

Kelly and Louis are up first. The clip packages at this point tend to be super sappy, with the stars reflecting on the whole season. Kelly remembers how awesome her first routine was, her Viennese waltz, and then how horrible her tango was the next week. And then every week since then has been a step-by-step comeback, and Kelly never thought she would make it to the finals.

So the judges are visiting each couple this week, and Carrie Ann is the one to visit Kelly and Louis, who are working on the Argentine tango. Kelly is having trouble with the emotional intensity and physical closeness of the routine, so Carrie Ann demonstrates how you have to act like it's super sexy, and make the audience believe it too, and Kelly does seem to get it, at least in the parts that we see. Let's see if that translates onto the dance floor.

She starts out a little rocky with the footwork, and she seems to have confused "intimate" with "frowning" for a bit. I mean, Kelly does a good job of not breaking character but, and this has been a problem for her previously, she sometimes has two facial modes: beaming smile or lack of affect, and this dance has the latter. There are some tricky footwork bits in the middle that she totally nails, but she doesn't look entirely comfortable with the routine. I'm hoping this was her worst, and it comes first, and then she kicks ass on the freestyle. Oops, did I just give away who I'm rooting for? She's not the best technical dancer, and will never beat Mya on technique, so she really has to pull through on personality, and this dance just didn't do it for me.

Len points out that Kelly has no previous dance experience, and has earned her spot in the finals, which is what this competition is all about. Bruno calls Kelly a "revelation" and compliments her hard work and dedication, and while he can pick some nits, he thought it was very good. Carrie Ann saw improvement based one what they worked on in rehearsal, and she thought it was a sophisticated routine. Scores: Carrie Ann 9, Len 9, and Bruno 8. Well, we all know that the judges give basically equal scores in the finals so that the audience vote determines the winner, so whatever.

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