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Last night, it was a sausage fest, and the judges were not sparing with the criticism, which is exactly the way I like it. But tonight, we get our first look at the female competition, and we'll see it all happen... LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE!

Let me make a correction first: One of my readers pointed out that the Melissa Etheridge segment I talked about in last night's weecap actually featured Andy Richter, not Triumph. Sorry, Andy! And thanks reader Michael! Since last night opened with a dance by the male pros, tonight we get to see a fan dance by the female pros. And you know, until someone mentioned Julianne in the forums today, I kind of forgot she existed. I didn't miss her at all. That's probably not a good sign for her post-DWTS career, is it? Then again, I don't listen to much country music. Anyway, the female pro dance is nice, although I notice at one point that Anna D. totally runs into Lacey. I wonder how she is being received by the other pros. Also, Karina really needs a stylist. Remember last season when she had the weird Flashdance hair for a while? Her style is back to normal but the color is all wrong for her. She looks better with darker hair, I think.

Tom and Samantha introduce the season's contestants once again. What is going on with Samantha's hair? She's got it up, somehow, so that from the front, it looks like a weird curled bob. She is just weird. Also, I think I want the job of bongo player in the house band. He always looks like he's having a good time. And playing the bongos. I notice that they're showing the phone numbers for the men again tonight as they are introduced, so I guess you can still vote for the men? Also strange. They haven't been very specific about if the two eliminated couples tomorrow night will be one man and one woman, or just the two lowest regardless of sex. Perhaps they will reveal more tonight.

Debi Mazar and Maks are up first tonight. I freaking love her. I think I was the one person that used to watch That's Life on CBS, and she was my favorite part of it. And I love that she's paired with Maks because I think, like Mel B., she will put him in his place. In rehearsal they get along okay, except that Debi won't shut up and keeps bringing up irrelevant topics to Maks's never-ending frustration. These two could be amusing.

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