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So Tom explains this relay dance business. The couples have been split into two groups with four couples in each. They'll dance together and then the judges will rank them one to four, and assign points to each. The first group is Ashley, Chuck, Donny, and Louie (with partners of course) doing the salsa.

The first group takes the floor. First to go are Ashley and Edyta. Ashley is definitely a ballroom dancer; he doesn't have the hip action or rhythm for Latin. Chuck and Anna T. are next and Chuck remembers to smile, and he doesn't look too bad, although Anna is doing most of the flashy work while he just kind of throws her around. Donny and Kym come out third, and Donny remembers to watch his posture a little more, and his hip action looks good for an older dude. Louie and Chelsie come out last, and Louie does a flip that Len will hate, but his actual dancing is adorable, although I don't know how much salsa is included. My ranking bottom to top is Ashley, Chuck, Louie, Donny.

Carrie Ann thinks Donny smoked everyone else and he looks shocked. Len thinks Donny had rhythm which is the key to salsa. Bruno thinks Donny was shaking it for all he's worth, and that Chuck was a revelation. Backstage, Samantha kills time until the judges have come up with their rankings, which are from bottom to top: Ashley, Chuck, Louie, and Donny. Exactly as I predicted!

The second group is doing the Viennese waltz. First up are Aaron and Karina. Aaron looks good, posture-wise, but he's got a weird look on his face and he's a little frantic. Mark and Lacey are second, and Mark seems to be going about a half-beat to fast, although he also has good posture. Tom and Cheryl go third, and Cheryl did a good job of emphasizing the sort of stately older gentleman vibe. Michael and Anna go last, and ballroom isn't going to be Michael's strong suit, although he smiles and sings just like he did in his solo dance. My ranking bottom to top is Michael, Tom, Aaron, and Mark.

Len thinks Tom was a little too skippy, but he liked Mark's control and technique. Bruno thought Aaron worked the floor well, and Mark had great lines. Tom was skippy and Michael was better. Carrie Ann also thought it was much better, Aaron had good lines, Mark needs to slow down and breathe, and Tom was elegant. The judges reveal their rankings from bottom to top: Tom, Michael, Mark, and Aaron. Wow, I was off on that one.

So who's going home? I would guess Ashley. He got the lowest score and I doubt he has the fanbase to keep him around, unlike Michael. At least I hope so, because Michael was robbed! Here were the final scores for the men. See you tomorrow night for the ladies!

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