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They're doing the foxtrot to "All That Jazz." Donny is graceful and light on his feet, although some of his arm and leg placements leave something to be desired. And he doesn't really turn on the showmanship until the very end, which surprises me. I thought he'd be all performer, all the time.

Judges? Bruno thought it was "full frontal theatrical," but he needs to work on his shoulders. Carrie Ann thinks it was a pleasure to watch him, and adds that he's a fan favorite, but he needs to concentrate on the technique. Len thought it was too theatrical and he wants to see more ballroom. I think Jermaine Jackson is sitting next to Marie Osmond in the audience. This show is freaking weird. Scores: Carrie Ann 7, Len 6, and Bruno 7 for a total 20. Donny admits that he got caught up in the moment and forgot his technique.

Louie Vito is an Olympic snowboarder who has no dance experience and has never even seen an episode of the show. He's tiny so he's paired with Chelsie. He has a lot of trouble in rehearsal, and while he's cute, he's not a great dancer.

Does he do any better in the actual foxtrot? He does great when he's in hold, and when he's not, he's surprisingly good. And he looks like he's having a blast. Either that, or he's really high. He has a grin on his face the whole time, and he flubs a few steps, but he keeps his posture and footwork in check.

Judges? Carrie Ann is pleasantly surprised and liked it overall. Len gives him crap about his long hair, but then says that his technique was good. Bruno calls him a "little dancing hobbit," and it was charming even though it lacked fluidity. But he thinks Louie can improve with time. Scores: Carrie Ann 6, Len 7, and Bruno 6 for a total of 19. Man, Len is softening up this season.

Michael Irvin is a retired football player, and he was paired with the newest pro, Anna D. Michael explains that he was inspired to do the show by Jerry Rice, who is the all-time leading wide receiver. Michael figures this is his only chance to beat Jerry. His rehearsals feature a lot of Michael yelling at himself in the mirror, but to comic effect. And there's also hula-hooping to loosen up his hips. I just hope Michael lasts long enough for the inevitable Jerry Rice guest appearance.

Michael and Anna will be doing the cha cha cha. They dance to "I Feel Good," albeit a weirdly slow version. Michael starts out with some James Brown moves solo, and does well at the beginning in hold, but then his arm placement falls apart and he flubs a few steps. What he does have is personality to spare -- he's singing along, pointing at the audience, and grinning the whole time.

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