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So they are up first with the cha cha cha. I always try to just watch the dance, and then hit pause and type my description and thoughts before I see what the judges think, which means that sometimes I am way off. Also, I've somehow forgotten everything I've learned from covering this show for two-and-a-half seasons. Anyway, Aaron's hands and feet look great: very sharp, toes pointed, good placement. His posture is very good for the first week, although he does need to stick his chest out more, and his hip action isn't bad either. He reminds me of Joey McIntyre from the first season. They kind of screw up their ending, but given how good they were going first, I think they'll be fine. And he looks like he's having fun, but then again, he's a seasoned performer. Brother Nick is in the audience, along with (I think) a few other Backstreet Boys.

Judges? Len thought it was "full of potential," even if he was a bit stiff at times. Bruno thought it was sharp and edgy, and agrees that he has a lot of potential. Now he needs to work on reigning in his energy, and Tom points out that Bruno has the same problem. Carrie Ann thought it was great overall, and has a few small pointers to help with improvement. Scores: Carrie Ann 7, Len 8, and Bruno 7 for a total of 22, and a great score for the first week.

Next up is Chuck Liddell, and his partner Anna T. He's a former UFC fighter, for those who don't know. He's a stocky sparkplug of a dude, and I'm just really happy to see Anna T. back. I love how bitchy she is. When they meet up, he shows Anna his kickboxing moves, and she has to somehow figure out how to translate that into the grace of the ballroom, since their first dance is foxtrot. Anna T. tries to figure out how to get him to smile while he's dancing so that he doesn't scare the audience. Chuck explains that he has a hard time smiling when he knows the steps aren't right.

So how are they? Well, he's really stiff. And not that graceful. And he has horrible hand and arm placement. He just looks like he's concentrating REALLY hard on not forgetting the steps, and to his credit, he doesn't seem to, but he also doesn't seem to be having any fun. Physically, he reminds me a little of Adam Carolla; he doesn't have a lot of rhythm but he is light on his feet. He's not the worst I've ever seen, but I don't see him lasting too long. The crowd loves him, though.

Judges? Bruno says something I totally don't understand about the gentle Neanderthal, and adds that the foxtrot was terrible, but Chuck should get more time to work on it because people love him. Carrie Ann admits that he has a lot to work on it and make his movements purposeful, but he charmed the audience. Len says it was much better than he thought it would be, and he smiled the whole time. Aw. That's a nice thing to say. People are rooting for Chuck. He's just trying so hard. Scores: Carrie Ann 6, Len 5, and Bruno 5 for a total of 16. The audience boos loudly.

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