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There are only four celebrities left, and only three will make it to next week's finals. So who will stay and who will go? And how many clip packages will they pack into this week's episodes.

Okay, very rarely does this show have a musical artist perform that I haven't heard of that I actually enjoy. But I'm kind of in love with the dude performing right now. His name is Raphael Saadiq and he's dressed like a '60s era James Brown with the horn-rimmed glasses and the skinny tie and slim-fitting suit. He's singing in front of a band with a full horn section, and he gets down on the floor and dances, but not in a Timberlake wannabe way. I love him. I am buying his album on iTunes. I just looked him up and he was in Tony! Toni! Toné! I feel so old that I've never even heard of him. I've officially turned into my parents. Thanks, DWTS!

Last night, Ty got the judges arguing over whether or not his mistakes were enough to warrant taking points off, but he's just happy that he's still there after such a bad start in week one. Melissa was underscored, I think. She was at least as good as Shawn and Mark, I thought. Maybe I'm missing something. Shawn was disappointed that the judges didn't like her jive. Gilles and Cheryl got two perfect scores, and Gilles got really emotional about it.

Shawn and Mark have been chosen to dance their tango again. I hope Mark stocked up on eyeliner. Upon rewatch, I really am impressed with their lifts and tricks; I'm not usually a fan, but they seem very well integrated with the routine instead of just added in for the wow factor. And I'm really impressed with Mark's strength (see, I can say nice things about him!), because he makes it look effortless.

Former winners Brooke Burke, Drew Lachey, and Helio Castroneves have returned to be interviewed for a clip package about this season's semifinalists. Brooke thinks that Melissa makes dancing look effortless, but she needs to "dirty it up a little bit." Drew jokes that Gilles needs to strengthen his female fanbase a little bit, but might need to relax a bit. All three of the former winners are impressed with Ty's determination and improvement. Brooke points out that Shawn is determined and focused, but they all agree that she needs to relax and have fun out there. Brooke adds that the best dancer won't necessarily win; it's the celebrity that America wants to see win who will get the trophy. [cough] Helio [cough].

The potential pros are back! This week, they'll be dancing with one of the current pros, one ballroom and one Latin. Mayo is dancing with Kym, and they'll be doing the cha cha and the tango and Kym has some doubts about some of Mayo's choreography, but by the end of the week, she's on board. So they'll be doing their tango first. I still think Mayo looks two dimensional, like Flat Eddie or something. He has beautiful lines, but I just don't feel the passion or the almost threatening nature that I expect from the tango. Let's go to the judges. Len says that it exemplified what he loves about ballroom. Bruno liked the lines and thought Mayo used his partner well. Carrie Ann was impressed with the choreography, but she wants to see more personality from him.

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