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The cold open goes right into the encore again. I don't know why I'm so attached to Len introducing the encore. You'd think I could let that go. And yet, here I am, harping on it again. Anyway, the encore is the group dance. I like it better this time, since I can tell who is which dancer. Shawn changes her solo up a little bit and does a handstand on the platform and kicks her legs around. The couple's solo moves seem less jerky tonight, probably because they're not as nervous, having done it all once before. Shawn looks like she's actually enjoying herself out there. Gilles and Derek are both way into this routine. LT... not so much. He seems to do better than he did last night, though. In that, he's actually doing the moves.

Last night, LT had a wonderful waltz, even though he slipped. Ty also had a waltz, and got better marks than the previous few weeks. Lil Kim got marked lower for not being herself in her rumba. Chuck wowed the judges with his samba. The judges also liked Gilles' waltz. Shawn got her first ten for her cha cha. Melissa fought through the pain of a rib injury and got the top score of the night.

Even in this jam-packed results show, there's time for a clip package about the physical impact dancing can have on the human body. Starring Sanjay Gupta! Remember when he was going to be the Surgeon General? And now he's on this show. Hmm. Kind of a step down. Gupta explains all of the ways in which dancing is different from any other athletic endeavor, and how the movements are new to the celebrities, even if they are star athletes. A nutritionist comes on and explains how many calories Lil Kim burns in rehearsals, and offers up the factoid that she could eat six pints of ice cream per week and not gain a pound. Of course, she would drop dead because her arteries would be clogged, but what a beautiful corpse! Someone bigger, like Lawrence, is burning 15,000 calories per week, which is the equivalent of eating thirty-three hamburgers. Now we get to hear from an orthopedic surgeon, who talks about the stress dancing puts on your joints and frame. Like we didn't already know that from all of the injuries this season and every season.

Natasha Bedingfield is in the house to sing her new single. Dmitry and Lacey come out to do a quite sexy routine with a lot of cool lifts. The people on the forums will be very disappointed since they are rooting for a relationship between Dmitry and Chelsie. I always like seeing the eliminated dancers come back, because I know it means they get paid for another week. Otherwise, their pay ends when the dancing does. Anyway, the song doesn't really do it for me, but the routine is nice enough.

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